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I'm a yam and I like socks. Socks socks socks. Yam yam yam.

Rave Reviews

Where to start with the illustrious Yam? Not only is she the sparkling figurehead of our community, she is incredibly personable, welcoming and helpful to everybody who is part of it. She has a wicked and wonderful sense of humour, she writes beautifully and her characters are fantastic (...even the punchable one(s)). She is encouraging and accommodating, and she is altogether just such an affable and charming creature that one can't help but to love her. Kind and understanding Helpful - Elle
Muunokhoi (played by Postey)
A fat old man that Karagan adores. His kindness and understanding does my little redhead wonders, and its needless to say that she loves this man as both her Jarl and as a father figure. Wonderfully complex and wise, this character (and their player) will never find themselves alone. I need more plots with dear Muun! - Lizzie

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