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I'm a yam and I like socks. Socks socks socks. Yam yam yam.

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Postey is the sort of person who's personality is infectious! I haven't gotten to Roleplay with her yet, but the time is coming. I don't need to have RP'd with her to give her Kudos though! Talented artist, and even more lovely than her art, is her big heart! 10/10 would agree; Postey is the shiz. - Wildviolets
Yamerina is just a wild wild. From characters both awesome and disgusting to a brain thats amazing to pick about all sorts of random things. Yanerina is a stunning soul that caring and resourceful. Ive had the pleasure of knowing her forever, and I hope to for eternity. Long reign the Yam, and blessed be. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - liquidchaos

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