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Many people don't really know exactly who I am so I shall explain a little of who I am!

About me
My name is Holly! I am currently 25, and married! My pronouns are they/them, but I don't mind if you use she/her. I have 2 lovely kids. I do have a busy life outside of role playing, as that I am also an film editor and someone who is part of counseling. I am way over seas in Ireland but I do love to travel! I do have DID which is Dissociative identity disorder, aka multiple personality's, so please be patient with me especially when my main/host aka Holly isn't fronting


    Be racist/anti-LGBTQ+
    Ask for personal information
    Disrespect me, or any of my friends
    Call anyone slurs
    Bug me about something


RP Style
When I am writing/roleplaying, I enjoy doing more or so paragraph's as it help my character get to be a bit more known. I occasionally do short replies, but that's only if it's needed. Most replies will be at least 2-3 paragraph's perhaps more.


RP Genre/themes
    Harry Potter
    Lord of the Rings
always open for trying new things

Sunday/Tuesday/Friday - 4 pm GMT
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday - 12 pm GMT
Saturday - off

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