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Hello! Call me Quill, Quillweave or Kira, whatever suits your fancy. I live in Eastern Canada. I'm approaching 30 with terrifying speed and have been roleplaying since the ancient days of yore on MSN. I'm mostly interested RPing in The Elder Scrolls universe.

Please, no random friend requests. I'm not that kind of girl, you've at least got to buy my character dinner first.

About my RPing Style

I'm generally too goddamn lazy to be tied to a specific format, so I'm happy writing anywhere from a paragraph or two to whatever is needed. However, roleplays tend to be snappier and more enjoyable with shorter, quicker replies that allow a dialogue between characters, and my eyes glaze over a bit when it comes to long, winding descriptions that don't serve to add much to the actual interactions. I'm never going to insist on a certain length requirement, but I do generally prefer things kept below essay wordcounts.

I do insist on a degree of correct grammar usage and spelling. Mistakes happen, of course and I totally understand that some disabilities and conditions make writing a chore, but if I get the feeling it's less that and more laziness, I won't hold interest in a roleplay very long, if only because I find it irritating and difficult to read.

I will roleplay adult and uncomfortable themes where appropriate such as violence, sexuality, 'isms' of various kinds such as racism/sexism, in what I hope is a tasteful manner. My characters have flaws and live in worlds that are not always pretty, and I'm comfortable both reflecting that and seeing that in the writing of others, so long as it isn't clearly done for shock value or to be deliberately crappy to a player.

Otherwise, I'm generally pretty easy-going and just out here to have a good time. People have lives outside the internet and while I appreciate timely replies, I'm not going to be chasing anyone and I don't expect anyone to chase me. It's also a-okay if a roleplay just doesn't pan out - it happens! No harm in calling it and trying something else, or finding RP partners more suited to individual styles. It can be very easy to get a little too wound up in roleplaying and forget that ultimately, it's meant to be a pastime that should be fun for everyone involved.

That said, if you think we might have fun, give me a poke!

Note: All artwork present is my own unless otherwise directly stated. Please do not use or post elsewhere.

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Rave Reviews

Quillweave is kind, empathic, wise, caring and on top of that, an incredibly good roleplayer. She's really good at describing body language, thoughts and expressions of her characters in a way that makes me able to visualize everything that we are RPing! - Alecia
Much like her character Dust, Quillweave is incredibly kind, helpful, spontaneous, and a provider of witty, funny, deep and empathic conversation. There should be more people like her! - Pyrroglaux

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