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Does anyone look at these?

Hi I'm Rei, congrats your looking at my dainty little profile, if you dont see all characters trust me I use all 11

Im pretty chill and normally quiet in OOC chat (unless Im talking about random topics like animals or pokemon or something) I have been on a few rp sites just this is one is like my last hope before I move back to discord (cause I dont have an account anymore-)

I am In a few fandoms, like..

Demon Slayer

DBZ (GT too)


One Piece


Totally not saying two cause I ran out of fandoms off the top of my head

Anyways before you go,

Your Awesome
I love you
Have a great day

I love them, I really do :)

Rave Reviews

He's awesome. Just so awesome- His roleplays are always engaging and he's an amazing writer. Outside of roleplay he's so caring and kind, always taking time out of his day to check on me :) He's an amazing person

Though he's my bf soo- my opinion may be a bit biased lol Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - DevinorDevi
Very responsive and very creative I recommend everyone should role-play with Reithsniper Kind and understanding Creative ideas - scare

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