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"I bathe in adventure, angst, and found family."
- Literally no one but me

Rave Reviews

I’ve been roleplaying with Astro for 2 years, going on 3 I think, but regardless, it has been an absolute joy, since we started together, and have been able to watch each other grow. Astro has amazing backstories and is awesome at world building, and i would really recommend them for long term role plays. Creative ideas Long-term partner - SoulHeart57
Ever since I met Astro, she's been a light in the darkness on the forums. She has a pleasant personality that makes one want to hang around her and be her friend. She's not afraid to go along with a joke if one is fired her way and she'll even respond with one of her own. She also has a great list of characters with beautiful and well done bio's for each of them. Look Astro up, you won't regret it. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - -Knight-

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