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  • Age: 27
  • Birthday: November 21

UPDATE (04/05/2019) - I’ve been struggling mentally. If anyone is wondering where your reply is, please don’t think that I have abandoned our story. I am still interested. I am just not feeling well. Please be patient with me.


**I prefer two per character. More than that and I will lose my muse with that particular character. Currently, if you are interested in writing with me, I would like to plot with Ellory, Jacques, Libena, or Zadicus.**

Marcus + Lilith
Caleb + Lilith
Kamida + Olivia
Fox + Olivia
Sangris + Cassius
Faolan + Cassius
Renider + Cassius
Devon + Jacques
Angel + Jacques
Devon + Ellory
Corinna + Jack

Ayyyye, I’m Vic and I identify as hot garbage.

I also make my brain babies suffer.

Let’s suffer together.​

I love immensely thought out characters and plots that keep me interested. I loathe drama. Don’t do it. Kay? c:

Just a couple things...

I adore OOC communication. Send me memes of our characters/memes in general, random brainstorming ideas for our story, anything. I will never pass up a conversation.

Do not message any of my characters if you are under the age of 18. I am an adult and my characters are adults. Their worlds and the issues they face are not suitable for children.

A good portion of my characters’ profiles are a work in progress. That does not mean that they aren’t fully put together in my brain. If one of them sparks your interest, ask me questions about them. C:

COMMUNICATION. More than likely, unless I think about it for two days, I’m not going to have an amazing plot develop on the spot. Tell me what you are looking for in a story and actively brainstorm with me. I cannot read your mind and I won’t be the only one contributing to the story.

When I write starters, they are pretty lengthy. My replies are usually two to three paragraphs long depending. I’m not asking you to match that but I am asking you to give me something to respond to. Don’t be compelled to fill a reply with unnecessary fluff. Quality over quantity.

If you come to me wanting to roleplay, I will ask you to start. Sometimes I will. Either way, don’t get antsy if my starter takes a bit to get to you. I feel like starters set the story as well as serve as a first impression of the writer. That being said, I make sure that my starters are perfected. I may write them one time or I may rewrite them twenty times. Regardless, if I don’t love it, you better believe I’m going to write it again until I like it. If you find yourself waiting a couple of weeks for a starter from me, I haven’t forgotten you. I’m just being incredibly picky and possibly over critical of myself.

I try to reply at least once a week or once every two weeks. If I am feeling inspired or if I dig what we have going on, you’ll get a reply once a day or multiple times a day. However, my real life is hectic. Sometimes real life takes a toll on my brain and my muses don’t speak to me. I’m not going to force a reply out of myself when it’s not there at the time. Believe me, you can definitely tell. I won’t ruin a good story for the sake of replying quickly. I will tell you when replies are going to be late. I will tell you if my muse is silent or if I’ve hit a dry spot in creativity. Please be patient and don’t harass me for a reply.

I’ve been writing for a long time. I have stories with writers that I have kept going for awhile on multiple platforms. When we roleplay, keep in mind that my list of replies is-you guessed it, loooong. If you haven’t gotten a reply from me in awhile, please do not hesitate to nudge me.

Rave Reviews

  • Vic is amazing. Yes, we don't write together, but trust me. Take a look at basically any character profile of theirs, and you'll come to understand mighty quick. Vic has a wonderful imagination that is saucy and thick (yes, I went there). It's difficult not to become...
    -- Demilicious
  • VIC! Well. We had an rp going, but it came to a stop when my muse stopped talking to me. But that's okay! What I got to see of Vic, when we did rp, is that he is VERY good with what he comes up with for rp! His characters are very well thought out, and I enjoyed what...
    -- Winters_Fury

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