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Hey everybody! My name is Sage~ Welcome to my humble profile :D

So I guess I'll tell you how I RP... I generally RP romance and fantasy.
I can handle violence and some sexual junk, but cussing is just too tasteless for me. So if you RP with me, please respect that and don't curse. Thank you!

If you wanna chat with me (or with my charries) feel free to PM me :3


Rave Reviews

Sage is an absolutely fantastic Roleplayer. She is smart and clever, and quite versatile! She can give paragraphs of a post, or just a few lines, and still gives you something to respond to! Her characters are so interesting, and I find myself constantly checking my messages to see if I have a post from her. I would highly recommend an RP with Sage-Thorne! You won't regret it! - CelestinaGrey
One word to describe Sage. Awesome :) One of the first RPers that I have ever done a long term plot with, she keeps things quite interesting! Not to mention she's funny! xD RP WITH HER OR FACE MY WRATH AND YOUR REGRET. - beefy

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