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Hi, I'm Sarlic, which is a name that auto-correct wants to say as garlic...
You can message me I don't normally bite, I can try to type a lot, but typically my max is around 3-4 lines, I'm fine if you write more then that, but I can't unless its a scene that I really am into...

Anything else?

Rave Reviews

He is one of the best rpers I have met! He definitely made me feel included in a large group right from the start. He has so many great ideas for rps and each of them are unique. If you are looking for a great person to rp with look no further than him! - SeaWarriorRachel
He's flexible with his roleplaying styles, and he gives you the chance to choose the roleplay plots. He is good at roleplaying, and lets you choose where. - Praise_Ro-sama

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