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your every day himbo fanatic.

• literate af
• paragraphs for days
• can and will punch your oc
• may or may not draw our ocs for my own self satisfaction
I have more characters in my noggin but also make characters based on plots
I'm interesting I promise

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This kudo is long overdo but Sculpture is an extra special person who deserves an extra special kudo! She's kind, understanding and just plain fun to talk to and chat with between posts, but those posts are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Lovingly detailed, she brings every scene to life with such care that one can perfectly picture it in their mind's eye with how she capture's the atmosphere. Her writing is so vividly detailed that not Rping with her would be a crime to yourself! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Gear
Ms. Sculpture is more than an enjoyable creator, flexible quick on her literary feet, and personally very agreeable and pleasant.

Her ambition for wide scale work is admirable, and her aesthetic is charming and her character line up as far as I have seen has been equally so, and is definitely on my line up of most enjoyed writers in this site. - Manofmanyfaces

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