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I am still alive for those of you wondering! I have tried to come back and be active again, and I am, though I do warn everyone that the Holidays are coming! So that means I can either be super active or very spotty. That doesn't mean anyone isn't welcome to reach out to me for any ol' reason.

A quick what's what. I have been role-playing in a free-form chat and forum based when I was in high school. Since then have found a multitude of places that have been a great role-playing outlet. Although these days they are becoming few and far between with decent quality. So I am here!

I am up for all sorts of role-play although prefer partners that are 18+ not that all my role-play would require it, but it's likely enough.

I prefer writing in short paragraphs to multi-paragraph based on the platform used to RP. If using a platform with a quicker response time like a chat I would be okay with shorter responses.

I have few characters listed here now, however, I have a ton from the past in my noggin. Yet I tend to prefer to create characters that fit an RP niche using a model of one of my older personas

If you are interested in RP or have any questions I am PM friendly.

Rave Reviews

His RP ideas are though the roof!
His skills are though the roof too!
And he is super kind!
This man is the whole package, here:
1) he's kind
2) he's awesome
3) he is creative
and more!
He is a great friend. - Zoura
I haven't been rping with TroyLocke that long, but he is definitely worth seeking out. He is a very laid back guy, and understands life is a thing, and his characters are creative and unique. I am happy to recommend him to anyone looking to have a good time. - Godfrog

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    Rezso is beyond fantastic. Not only has he helped two (soon to be three) of my characters out of really tough spots, he’s also kind and hilarious. I always find myself laughing at the posts, and my own wolf is absolutely head over heels for him. We have so much planned and I’m excited to see where everything goes next! Long posts Long-term partner
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    "Found in the same friend circle InquistorCat is a great writer and artist, and although Einar and Raine never got their wedding. It was a great thread with a great writer and lots of fun watching them change, and change each other. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer"
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