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Thoughtful, open minded, gracious. Sherlock does us all proud. Plus, he's got an icon I can't help but imagine a top hat on every time I see it, and that entertains me no end. - Kim
Sherlock sent me an amazing Christmas note, and his words were completely inspiring to keep doing my very best at making the RPR great. Thank you! - Kim

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  • Sherlock gave Cass kudos:
    A wonderful person outside of the RPR. I happened upon them by another's suggestion to a Group they founded. From there, I've the pleasure of speaking with them and they are always coming up with creative plots and twists to various story outlines.They are also a sound dream weaver in terms of creating dreams for those that play on the Furcadia gaming platform. She is a kind person with a sound sense of humor. Compassionate as well. So with that said, I believe she deserves this kudos. Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 1 week 1 day ago)
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  • Sherlock befriended Swagnakor(About 2 weeks 5 days ago)
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  • Sherlock has befriended Cass, MoonDog(About 3 weeks 3 days ago)