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And this is my apprentice, Darth Sinnice, bow to her like you would me.

I'm the RP Repository's British Sith Lord Moderator and if you find yourself with questions or getting stuck on something, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always happy to help!

When I'm not doing that, I write, design websites, build armoured costumes and make animated films. I've even made a few videos to promote RPR!
Check them out here!

A Heroic Rescue - May 2011

Epic Space Battles - June 2011

Epic Space Battles part 2 - June 2011

The Princess Needs a Sword - August 2011

Commander Shepard Loves RPR - November 2011

Dungeonmaster of the Daleks - December 2011

Boss Fight! - January 2012

I suspect you'll be seeing more as time goes on ;)

Some of the other movies I've made include an epic four part saga about one of my roleplay characters and the highly popular Death of Jar Jar. I got paid for that one, so I like to think it makes me a bounty hunter as well! :D

I love science fiction to read, to watch and to play. It's probably because I grew up with Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek and Babylon 5. Ah, those were good times.

Fantasy I sometimes have a harder time getting into but I do enjoy it as well.

My site


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Rave Reviews

When I asked about what the deal with the Mass Effect craze was, Darth quickly responded with a volley of "Here's the trailer for Mass Effect 3," and my life was forever altered forever. My mind = blown. - Bonebag
Darth has this inate ability to be cooler than Ice and The Other Side of The Pillow and The Polar Caps of this planet COMBINED! Thanks for being so freaking awesome dude. - Jetticus

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