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I am Sybil~

I have two different usernames depending on site and if they have been taken. First is SilentSybil and then there is SacredSybil, they are both me.

Thank you for stopping by my page and taking time to understand who I am.

First and foremost, I am a lady who enjoys simplicity and peace. I will not tolerate kid games, name calling, nonsensical situations that will disrupt this. I do not like to be rushed and will shut down anything real quick if I get pestered too much. A check up now and then is fine, but I will not be bumped into oblivion.

I am not looking for a relationship and have one already. That being said, the actions of my characters do not reflect my love life or daily habits. They are reflections of books, movies and my imagination.

Rps with anyone under 18 is not gonna happen so don't ask.
With that out of the way, here are some things about me:
I Commission Art

Sybil Commission thread
My main base of operations is on theDiscord app where you'll find all the information needed and how much I charge and for what kind of piece you want. It also has my art profile of all the pieces I've done since starting.

IF you can't/don't have Discord, do not panic! I am more than willing to answer questions for you!

Normally there would be a list of portfolio pages you can go to like deviant art and such, I have them, but they haven't been updated in years and I don't care to fix them right now. Again, I am more than willing to show you my work. I don't expect you to spend money without an idea of an end result.

90% of my OC's are drawn by me. I have improved tremendous since some of these characters have been made, but they are also good examples of what I do.

What Genres I Like/Don't Like


Modern (with hints of Fantasy)
Sci-fi (not fantastic at it, but willing to try)
Slight gore littered rps

Not so Much
Complete gore

My preference of Rps

I will NOT post responses in replies to one liners or lack of effort of previous post.

My responses are usually about one to two paragraphs long depending on what's happening currently.

Do not rush me to reply, I have a daily life and work and family take a good portion of it. Especially when doing a commission for a customer.

Extras about me

Games I enjoy
Ark (xbox)
Fire emblem (switch)
Rune factory 4(3ds)
Any harvest moon games
And I still play pokemon so- Sword(switch) and a ton of others that come from 3ds and gameboy.

Favorite Color
Rose gold

Favorite Numbers
3 and 7

I have also begun learning DND 5e and find it is and can be the most hilarious, thrilling, and mind challenging game ever and I absolutely love it! I have started to apply the rules and limitations to my characters to help them be more realistic.
A Recent Sample of my work:

I also run a group, it is just starting out and running a bit slow, but it's definitely alright. It's not to rush or a push to continue kind of group. Just a big ole world waiting for anyone or anything. Come and see Yrünhaste!

Rave Reviews

While I am looking forward to also writing with Sybil soon, I wanted to reach out and give some well-deserved kudos for her making some beautiful artwork for me, and over the holiday period too! Sybil was very patient and accommodating with my many specifications and delivered ahead of schedule! Highly recommend her! :star::star::star::star::star: - DorianM
Sybil and I have known each other over a year now, heck, maybe nearing 2, and watching her grow artistically and creatively has been an absolute treat! Sybil is so nice, and will bend over backwards for people just to make them smile. Not to mention her art, which is stupendous and if you haven't checked it out yet, please do! Let alone her world that she's building too. This woman has so much heart and wondrous ideas, you're doing yourself a disservice not reaching out. Love you, Sybil. <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Demilicious

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