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She/Her ✯ Aroace ✯ Aspiring Pumpkin Butter Saleswoman ✯ Maybe Goff ✯ Perpetually Half-asleep

Roleplay Status: My roleplay wagon is still a bit full, but I'm tentatively open to taking on more scenes. Always open to plotting for future scenes, though, and currently I'm looking for some siblings for Schrö, if there's an interest!

Salutations boils, ghouls, and fiendish creatures of the night. It would appear you have taken a tumble into my odd little corner. I suppose that means you would like to know a bit about me? Or maybe you're just badly lost.

You can call me KC, or whatever else suits your fancy. I do respond to character names (though they aren't exactly preferred), but for the love of god please don't call me Kitty. I'm well aware my username is cringey, but I've been using it since I was an edgy little tween. I can't shake it. You can pry it out of my cold dead hands.

I am a traditional and digital artist, and I've been doing this roleplay thing for a little over a decade now. However, I've only been doing proper forum-based roleplay for around six years. During that time I have found I greatly enjoy character creation and design, and have even developed my own world for my little abominations to thrive in. I primarily play monster-type characters since I love exploring the dynamic they have with humans, and presenting them with mortal dilemmas.

Things to Know

-I don't accept random friend requests! Let's talk first. You don't have to send me anything long, but a heads up is nice! If we've spoken before, or maybe even bumbled around in the forum areas, then you don't have to worry about doing this. On the flip side, if we've interacted and I haven't friended you, it doesn't mean I don't like you. I just feel annoying if I send an invitation first.

-I am whisper friendly, but please do not send me a message just saying "hi". I can't carry a conversation to save my life, so at least give me something to work with.

-I am always open to collaboration, even if I'm not actually open to roleplay.

-I write anywhere from 200-1,000 words in roleplays. But 1,000 is only on a good writing day, and if I have a lot to work with. I do not do novela or one-liners.

-I do not do rapid-fire roleplays. I typically reply once a week, sometimes more if the writing gods are merciful. I am lit to semi-lit. Please keep in mind I am not a strong writer, my strengths lie in the fine and visual arts. So if you're looking for Stephen King, you won't find him here, and I'm probably not the best match for you. I am also on other sites and only have so much time to squeeze in posts.

-I am absolutely ghost friendly! Life happens, I get it. I may check in to make sure you are okay, but will otherwise leave you be. On the flip side, I try not to ghost. The only time I will ever ghost someone is if they have done something to make me severely uncomfortable, and continued to do so after warnings. And if you would like to roleplay again? Sure! We can work something out.

-Anonymous characters? Sure! Just please make sure you adhere to my rules. And like, tell me if I've roleplayed with you before. I don't expect specifics, but a heads up is nice. I don't like when people pretend they're someone else just for shits and giggles. Its extremely creepy.

-All artwork on my character profiles are my own (unless otherwise stated and credited). Kindly don't use the images in them. Thank you.

Roleplay Rules

-For the most part? Just be respectful and we'll be golden. I hope this is self explanatory. If not? Eh... maybe we should keep distance. >.>

-Please don't misinterpret my silence. If I don't respond right away it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you or don't like you. I'm either busy, or my social battery needs to recharge. I also tend to roll around in the forum games a lot in between roleplay posts, to keep my brain fresh- again, I'm not ignoring you if you have seen me in there and I haven't responded to you.

-Basic roleplay etiquette. No godmodding (unless permission was given), or metagaming. I'm pretty low consent when it comes to certain things (taking my characters somewhere, initiating combat), but do be mindful, if you have questions feel free to ask.

-I'm too used to jumping right into a roleplay and seeing where things go, which means I'm not the greatest when it comes to planning. I have trouble figuring out where to start! This is just a heads up mainly; I may be a little awkward at first when planning a roleplay because I'm trying to figure things out.

-18+ only! This applies OOC, I enjoy dark themes. If you are under the age of 18 please try to abstain from interacting the only time I may make an exception is in public roleplay events. I don't mind roleplaying with underage characters, I have some myself, but I will never write anything shady with them.

-Don't be a creep. I will not hesitate to block you if you try to come onto me in any way. This also applies to my OCs. I do have some children characters that I use to progress other character plots. If you even joke about being weird with my young characters, your ass is going to the shadow realm and you bet your bottom dollar I will be pushing for a ban. This will be done without warning.

-I am okay with suggestive themes, boundaries can be teased, however I will NEVER write smut or erotica. Don't ask. Don't push. If need be, I am okay with fade to black. But that isn't very likely to happen since all of my characters are Asexual in some way. All I ask is for you to be tasteful and respectful. And I shouldn't have to say this, but please don't send me your smut fics, especially if I explicitly said I don't want involvement or to read them. I literally do not care about your weird fantasies with characters, I will block you immediately regardless of how well or long I have known you.

-IC≠OOC. Absolutely not. It should go without saying, do NOT blur this line. I will drop you faster than a sack of potatoes. Failure to comply will result in a block. And don't come after me OOC over things that happen IC. That is silly.

-This goes hand in hand with the above, but keep the OOC drama to yourself. Don't come to me to talk crap about some player, and especially don't come to me to make fun of another persons character. Gary sue? The second coming of Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way? The rainbow furry? That edgy orphan assassin? Who really cares. Those characters are unapologetically fun. I don't care to discuss how much you hate them, especially if it is undeserved.

-I will NEVER write out planned romance scenarios, nor will I engage in roleplay that is primarily romantic in nature. I don't care for it at all. I prefer romantic character relationships to form organically. Do not try to force anything. Do not try to force ship to make things go your way. It is not appreciated. More information regarding this can be found in my character profiles since some of my OCs are completely off limits, whereas some are borderline aromantic in some way.

-While I'm pretty open to most character types, Personas and Self-Inserts are a hard no from me. They dance a dangerous line between IC and OOC; therefore I will not write with characters of this type. There's a difference between an insert and a character that just shares similar traits with it's creator. I am completely fine with the latter.

-I am fine with most gore and violence, so long as it makes enough sense. Not into that torture porn type stuff, so don't come to me with that Saw crap.

-Profanity is okay. I have characters that swear like sailors too.

-One liners and straight up novel length stuff is a no from me. I like a happy medium.

-I may consider roleplaying with canon characters, but I generally won't. But you can still ask if interested. The worst I can say is no. I'm down for certain canon settings though.

Preferences and Favorites

First and foremost, I am an absolute horror junkie. I also love campy and bizarre stuff, and have a very soft spot for cult classic type things. Bad, but undeniably fun, is my kind of genre.

Genres: Horror✨, (Dark) Fantasy, Camp (not the outdoor kind), (Post) Apocalyptic. I'm game for most genres! Except for romance, I'm very aroace, I don't care for it. Most media in that genre just freaks me out.

Movies: Big Fish (I generally like all of Burtons movies, but this one is my favorite), the Alien franchise, Silence of the Lambs, The Red Dragon.

Musicals: THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, Sweeney Todd, The Labyrinth, Cats (not the movie 😭). I generally hate musicals unless they're really weird, but I love these and I felt like they needed an area separate from my movies.

Shows: Ash vs Evil Dead, Malcolm in the Middle, Frasier, Black Adder. I know, it's small, but I can't really get into television shows to be honest. I tend to lose interest if it's longer than three seasons.

Games: Fable (third game especially), The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion (best game in the series, I will die on this hill), Bioshock, Batman: Arkham, Silent Hill, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Music: I don't know man, I'm a melomaniac. I like funky sounds. My Spotify playlists are horrendous. No you can't look at them. I generally enjoy instrumental-heavy pieces, and synth noises. I don't like slow songs. Ed Sheeran triggers my fight or flight. Please don't send me any of his music.

Honorable Mentions: Tank Girl, Night at the Roxbury, The Dark Crystal, Bayonetta, 80's Dark Fantasy, literally any dark fantasy-action movie from the late 90's/early 2000's, Aqua (yes, the bubblegum pop band, yes I am ashamed but not really), Claymation, Stop motion, Puppeteering, Practical Effects, Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Resident Evil, Christine, Cujo, The Dark Tower (book, not the movie), Hellraiser, The Mummy, Sin City, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, a big fan of Del Toro's creative works.

BBcode Recourses

Image hosting? I like to use Imgur and ImgBB for hosting images. Imgur for stuff I want to keep, and ImgBB for throwaway things that I couldn't care less about.

Unicode Symbols- Simple way to spice up your BBcode without having to bother with images.
Text Manipulator- Great for adding flavor to text, easy to use, PLUS all the fancy text is viewable on all devices and browsers. Just copy and paste what you need.
Font Space- Has all the fonts you could ever need. Great for banners, headers- you name it.
Text to Handwriting- This one is neat, it makes whatever you type look like it was handwritten. Maybe not convenient for profiles, but it can add some flavor to roleplay!
GIF Editor EZGif- Lets you edit and create your own gifs.
Text Colorizer- Lets you create eyesore gradients with your text. Fun to use on unicode symbols.
Round Corners- Edits images to have rounded corners. Very aesthetic, nice to look at. 10/10.

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