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"Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music." -- George Carlin

He/Him · Demi-Ace · Slytherin · Married · INTJ/ISTJ
Moralist. Nihilist. Perpetual muse. Forever surviving the Constant.

Hello, kids. I'm Dirk or Atheist. Or GL. Or Sam. Or Super/Supes/Superman.
Honestly, it doesn't matter. I've been a member of Furcadia since '98, and have been role-playing for even longer than that (yes, I'm old as dirt). I'm very open-minded, agreeable, and enjoy scintillating plots involving slice-of-life, murder mysteries, dramas, thrillers and/or supernatural themes, realism, and various games, movies, books, and shows. I'd like to think I'm eclectic and approachable, and while I may appear standoffish, it is my own shyness that tends to get in the way. So my apologies in advance!

I can be contacted here on RPR or in-game on Furcadia if you prefer. My time is very sparse so if it's urgent or you're just eager to drop me a line, RPR is your likely best bet.

I bespeak that everyone please be of age before engaging in any RPs or submitting friend requests. This is a requirement, not a request. Thank you for your consideration.


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Status: Semi-Active

Attempting to climb the rungs of success while getting this new fitness regimen off the ground. Routine is on its way!

Active Role-Plays

Off-Site Role-Play

An AU where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson had a chance meeting earlier on in one another's life. John, still healing from his war-related injuries, insists on cleaning up Sherlock's bad habits while the detective shoddily builds his consulting work. All sorts of nonsense transpire including squatting in one of Moriarty's safe houses, getting black-bagged by Mycroft Holmes, and a camaraderie built upon the basis of good influences between Watson and Lestrade...


The French Mystery (On Hiatus!)
Role-Play with Clover De Leon played by Moonen

Sherlock Holmes investigates the Auclair Hospital and Asylum for a sundry of intriguingly circumstantial incidents -- few known to local authorities.

A young, up-and-coming artist had several significantly priced original pieces stolen from an admirer's personal gallery and trafficked throughout the country of France, more specifically the hospital where renowned Dr. Clover De Leon stations as one of the ward's medical directors.

At the artist's discretion, a clandestine American art collector will pay whatever price he must in order to acquire the original works for himself. Having never actually met his client, Sherlock Holmes willingly embarks on a case with an ulterior motive to research the suspiciously high mortality rate of the patients within the archaic walls of the Auclair facility...


The Learning Curve
Role-Play with Doctor John Hamish Watson played by Bananasaurus

Dr. John Hamish Watson receives an unexpected and rather untoward gift from his friend and former nurse Bill Murray that brings about unwarranted inquisitiveness within the flat of 221B Baker Street. Its presence sets off a string of awkward events that confuse and intrigue both him and his flatmate, the ever confoundingly curious Sherlock Holmes...

Will be updated accordingly as chaos ensues...


Not taking on more at the moment...

A li'l bio:

I come with hella baggage, so be aware! I have ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and all sorts of issues in between. Yes, I'm a hot mess. As much as I do what I can to work on these and keep them in check, at times they will rear their ugly heads and I will need to take a step back. Patience, understanding, and respect will not only be reciprocated but greatly appreciated.
I tend to mostly play Licensed/Canon Characters. I do have my fair share of OCs, but my level of commitment to them is, if anything, laughable. I'm horrible for this, I know.
I love old-school gaming, particularly involving pixels and point-and-clicks as I tend to be incredibly nostalgic. I can easily get on board with just about any topic -- basically, if it's interesting to you, it will likely be interesting to me. You may have to educate me, of course, but I always enjoy learning something new!
I sport two jobs; one being my full-time 9 - 5 as it were, and the other an unofficial sort of living-the-dream mess as a Literary Consultant that is about as reliable as the work is predictable. I try to manage my time as best I can when I'm able to get the freelance stuff to cooperate, so if I seem hazy or take off early, well, that's probably why.
I'm a very private individual, but I'm genial and honest, reasonable and open about most things, yet there are points I will draw the line, bullying being one of them. Do not make a prickly subject of it, but trust me, I don't trigger easily!
I'm a proud papa of two (formerly three -- R.I.P. my sweet Angel) ornery, but beautiful girls. They're literally everything I look forward to when I come home from work, and they mean the world to me. Yes, I'm talking about my Calico brat-cats.
My friends are, if anything, the key component of my whole existence. Without them, their interests, their worries, their ideas, hopes, dreams, their daily routines and random musings, their views and opinions, I wouldn't be who I am today. It's in these connections with these people, that I was able to come as far as I have come. Friendship is a packaged deal. The good days come with the bad days and I'll always be there for them as they have been for me.
I have taken on a new light to role-playing and it is by no means aimed to offend or upset anyone. I have had to become a bit selective with what storylines I will participate in based on whether or not my interests are piqued. If not, I may decline offers. It would just stump the creative flow if I engage in something I'm not keen on. Sadly, I'm way too busy to pick up role-playing everything under the sun like I used to, so I have to focus what little time I've got left on ideas, storylines, and character development that appeals to me!

"In what country was there a place for men like me?" -- Andrew Ryan


Love and Light,

Rave Reviews

Dirk and I have been friends for a very long time, whenever I think of Furcadia I always think of him.

Not only is he kind, thoughtful, caring, polite, friendly, agreeable and so much more (p. much everything you'd want in a friend), he's an amazing roleplayer and friend.

Anyone would be very lucky to have the opportunity to call Dirk your friend.

Dirk, I look forward to another eight years of our friendship. #SO - Stephie
Goodness, where do I start? 500 characters cannot encompass Dirk as a person, as a character, as a friend. Finally getting to meet him, I have never once been disappointed with the adorably modest human being I came into contact with. He has a natural ability for playing canon characters--something that doesn't come easy for most. He has a passion for Supernatural--my favorite show ever. He is a great listener and has a big heart. You must talk to this guy, you'll never be disappointed.~ - Silverspeare

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