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"Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music." -- George Carlin

He/Him · Demi-Ace · Slytherin · Married · INTJ/ISTJ
Moralist. Nihilist. Perpetual muse. Forever surviving the Constant.

Hello, kids. I'm Dirk or Atheist. Or GL. Or Sam. Or Super/Supes/Superman.
Honestly, it doesn't matter. I've been a member of Furcadia since '98, and have been role-playing for even longer than that (yes, I'm old as dirt). I'm very open-minded, agreeable, and enjoy scintillating plots. I'd like to think I'm approachable, and while I may seem a bit reclusive, it is my own shyness that tends to get in the way. So my apologies in advance!

I can be contacted here on RPR or in-game if you prefer. My time is very sparse so if it's urgent or you're just eager to drop me a line, RPR is your best bet. I prefer slice-of-life, realism, adventure, drama, mystery, and the like.

I bespeak that everyone please be of age before engaging in any RPs or submitting friend requests. This is a requirement. Thank you for your consideration.


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I tend to play Canon Characters for the most part. I do have my fair share of OCs, but my level of commitment to them is, if anything, laughable. I'm a horrible human being for this.
I love old-school gaming, particularly where pixels and point-and-clicks are concerned. I can get on the topic of gaming, science fiction, mythology, and the like any day.
My work schedule has me getting up at 3 and 4 A.M., so if I seem hazy or take off early in the evening, well, that's why.
I'm a very private individual, I have all kinds of things going on and will step back for a while if need be. I have issues like the rest of the free world, but I'm genial and honest, reasonable and open about most things, yet there are points I will draw the line -- bullying being one of them. Do not make a prickly subject of it, but trust me, I don't trigger easily at all!
I am happily married.
I'm a proud papa of two (formerly three -- R.I.P. my darling Angel) lovely and beautiful girls. They're literally everything I look forward to coming home to every single day and mean the world to me. Yes, I'm talking about my cats.
My friends are, if anything, the key component to my whole existence. Without them, their interests, their worries, their ideas, hopes, dreams, their daily routines and random musings, their views and opinions, I wouldn't be who I am today. It's in these connections with these people, that I was able to come as far as I have come. Friendship is a packaged deal. The good days come with the bad days and I'll always be there to defend them.
I have taken a new light on role-playing and it is by no means to offend anyone. I am a bit selective now as to what storylines I will participate in and if I am not interested, I mean no personal offense to anyone involved should I decline. I would just stump the creative flow if I play something I'm otherwise not interested in. Please forgive me for this! I'm way too busy to pick up role-playing everything under the sun like I used to back in the day. I have to focus what little time I've got left on ideas, storylines, and character development that appeals to me!

"In what country was there a place for men like me?" -- Andrew Ryan


Love and Light,

Rave Reviews

Canon characters are a rare treat, but do you know what's even rarer? Well-written canon characters! Atheist is not only such a sweetheart, but his portrayal of the various characters we've come to know and love through the media is simply unmatched. Love and light, friend! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - CrystalDisc
I don't remember how long ago, it was when I met this lovely person. We talked and RP'd for a while until real life things got in the way. And then, just recently, we met back up and have been very helpful in many ways! It's always a pleasure to talk to you, Dirk! :) You're such an amazing friend and I appreciate all that you do. <3 - Boe

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