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There isn't much to say...I spend too much time talking to myself.

I don't bite, unless I like you.

PM me if you want to RP.
Adult themes only.

Things to know if you want to RP with me!

I only RP smut.

Understandably, I only RP with players who are 18+

I can enjoy a good slow burn every once in a while, but get bored easily if it drags on forever.

Third person and multi-para are a must.

A disclaimer on the multi-para bit: I adore big meaty chunks of text, detail makes me drool and I’m happy to write to the ends of the world when I can. But I usually can’t. I write most of my responses via my phone and average about three paragraphs at a time. To me, this is the minimum requirement for a RP to feel satisfactory.

Please be aware; I work. I have something of a life. My schedule and social obligations change with the wind. Sometimes I can post endlessly to the point that you think I’m insane and don’t sleep. Sometimes I can’t respond for a few days at a time and can't always give warning.

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Soliloquy is a sensational author of literary composition that fills the time in-between posts with this longing for the next one. Her effort in writing stories is self-evident, her control of her characters is solid, and her prose is refreshing. I will never regret answering one of her ads, and if you were to see one, it is akin to precious metal. Everything about Soliloquy is gold. - Miss
An excellent RPer and a very enjoyable one. Don't blow her off as some typical mature Rper who does only 18+ Rps, she can really push a plot especially if you help push it too. If you contribute to the RP with Soliloquy, you will be in one enjoyable ride with her in your RPs with this woman - maxd234

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