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Update 12/22/20: Still struggling with sleep quality, which is affecting motivation (and therefore writing) but eager for the seasonal break. Happy Holidays!

FYI - I do enjoy making new friends, but if you want to send a request: If I don't already know you from somewhere (an RP that one or both of us have been writing anonymously, or from a group), please do me the courtesy of sending a PM first to introduce yourself. Thank you for your understanding.

About me!

I'm a longtime tabletop RPGer and video gamer; I've been RPing for about two-and-a-half years now. I'm looking to create fun and interesting stories in just about any setting. I have a few characters that I'm happy with, but for the right partner and prompt, I'm willing to create new characters!

After a bout of poor mental health, I'm back on track to do some writing, though my work and family lives sometimes impinge on my free time, and my response times degrade as a result. Please don't be offended if you don't hear from me for a little while. I do check in regularly and will try to update you OOC. If my last reply has been a few days ago - or longer - feel free to poke me OOC!


My RP interests

I can play in just about any setting, though I have some preferred genres:

    Fantasy (low or high)
    Space Opera/Far Future
    Military Sci-fi
    Wild West
    Time Travel
    Age of Pirates
NB - I have removed modern slice-of-life from my list. I gave it a try; it's not to my tastes. Sorry; please don't ask.

It seems as though my RPs lately have not been set in a specific fandom setting (i. e., the world-lore forming around our characters), and I very much enjoy creating worlds as the story progresses.

That said, I also enjoy the following existing universes and know them fairly well:

    Dungeons and Dragons (especially Eberron)
    Dragon Age (games or extended lore)
    Star Wars
    Mass Effect
    Star Trek
    Babylon 5
    Game of Thrones
    Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/The Silmarillion
    The Elder Scrolls series (I know Oblivion and Skyrim fairly well)

Please note: Unless you can give me a very, very compelling reason, I do not play canon characters. I find that playing them is very limiting; my writing style works best when I have the freedom to go anywhere with a concept.

My style.

I have a strong preference for multi-paragraph posts from my partners. I can handle shorter posts to move plot points along, but on average, 3+ good-sized paragraphs is what I normally do, and would like the same in return. I know that I tend to get, shall we say, wordy sometimes; I don't expect like-for-like post lengths.

I prefer keeping IC and OOC posts in separate threads here on RPR. I'm also open to writing on a Discord server that I've set up specifically for stories, or Discord DMs (with a IC/OOC split style to be agreed upon).

For IC posts, I prefer writing in third person. I can do first person but third is my preference. Second is just weird.

My ultimate goal is to post daily, but as mentioned above, work and family keep me busy. Please poke OOC if I'm taking too long.

If I'm unhappy with where an RP is going, I'll talk it over with you, or at least let you know that I'd prefer to let it end. I don't ghost.

I do not RP with anyone under 18; while I do not expect NSFW writing, I prefer to leave the possibility open. In addition, I look for a certain level of maturity and good style/etiquette in my writing partners that is usually not found in those under the age of 18. Sorry.

Rave Reviews

TimTowtiddy is a very helpful individual. He will answer any question that pertains to RP or D&D. He has helped me out quite a bit in regards to that. I enjoy the stories he has written and the characters that come from him. Each one is a joy to write with and watch as they interact with the world around them to drive the plot forward. I am hoping we can keep writing more fantastic adventures together in the future. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Krispythekritter
We have not know each other for long, but I adore this guy. I have witnessed his beautiful writing and he has been a core member of my RP group since launch.Not only does he have a great sense of humor... but he is a wonderful moderated who is kind, welcoming, patient and tactful. I could be any happier to have him part of my team <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - Mipps

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