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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 28


I like to think im an experienced Role player since i've been Rping for about 16 years now. Began RPing on multiple forums then moved on to creating my own stories. I've pretty much always loved modern and medieval settings and I do have a thing for MxM relationships. My longest running RP lasted 3 years so i'm not afraid of commitment.

I'm also quite the Artist and been drawing every day since the age of 9 or 10. I've always loved creating and drawing my own characters (You might even find some of my art in my character galleries, who knows-)

Discovered D&D 5th ed. About 5 years ago which made me go back to RPing. I pretty much like to write detailed walls of text (multi paragraphs, min 3) and pretty much expect the same from my RP partners.

English isn't my first language (French is!) so expect a couple mistakes here and there but I try my best to correct them.

Open-minded and friendly Canadian #sorrynotsorry #canadia

Can RP M/M * M/F * F/F

Don't be shy and send me a PM if any of my characters sparks an RP idea for ya!

Please note that not all of my characters are listed on this page. There's a lot more, but unfortunately im limited in character slots.

Will RP:
-Medieval/Fantasy (D&D)
-Horror (Love me some CoC and WoD)

Won't RP:
-Furry stuff
-With RP partners under 18

Will update soon

Rave Reviews

  • This person has such a high spot in my book and I only just started RPing with her. She has an experienced mind when it comes to writing, leaving me wanting more. If you are looking for a mature, detailed, long paragraph RP, she is your girl. She takes time and...
    -- Apollo
  • Okay! so I got the pleasure of getting to know stormcrow outside of RPR and not only are her writing and roleplaying skills amazing! she is also one of the sweetest and most incredible people you will ever meet! she always gives 110% in her writing. and she's an...
    -- ShanaPrimRose

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