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My thoughts on what RP is all about!

Life gets busy for us all. I never want to make anyone feel pressured. RP to me is a form of escapism. It is meant to be relief from the pressures of the real world, not add to them.

It’s more than escapism though. It’s a way to be creative with others, and to have adventure, excitement, romance, whatever without actually putting yourself at risk. It’s also a way to explore different parts of ourselves.

A few notes about the characters I play.

Some of my characters are very well developed. If I’m playing one of them, there are things that are set in stone. (They are who they are.) I’ve no problem creating a brand new character for specific purposes.

Speaking of my characters, I make about 95% of my own images using Stable Diffusion. A couple of friends have created a few images specifically for my use. Also, I occasionally come across something that I fall in love with. I always try to contribute a few bucks to the artists who draw me in. It’s a respect thing.

I’m interested in playing a wide variety of characters, and willing to try most anything, with a few exceptions, of course. (Ask me for my limits if you’re into dark or taboo RPs because there are some things I will never consider.)

I don’t enjoy quick little slice of life scenarios. I get nothing out of them, and I’m worth the time for you to wine and dine me. I want something more involved.

My ideal play is something longer running. I get the most enjoyment from getting to know your character and completely becoming my character. Hard to do that in a chance meeting. I generally like a big romance involved, but it’s certainly not necessary.

If I commit to play something with you, I will give you 100%, and I hope for the same in return. Unless completely unavoidable, you can expect at least some type of communication every couple of days. I try to post daily, often more than once, but we all know real life doesn’t always allow for that. I won’t leave your character sitting on the beach alone for days at a time.

I do admit that there are times the writing feels like too much work. That usually happens when I’m not in the headspace of my character. Something is just missing in the chemistry. I’ll keep trying for awhile, and perhaps make suggestions for changes if I can come up with something, but eventually I’ll have to give up a RP. I want to enjoy rather than dread writing.

I will do steamy stuff, but prefer it to be sprinkled throughout rather than the main focus. I will not kink shame, but won’t participate in something I can’t comprehend.

I don’t do FxF romance, but I’m open to RP with females playing male characters or RPs in which our characters are not romantically involved.

I will not do beastiality, so don’t ask. I will not play a child unless she is just an extra, and definitely no harm will come to her. Also, I will not participate in any RPs that will cause the death or permanent disfigurement of my character.

No furry or wrestling RP requests, please.

Hope we can flesh out something amazing together soon.

Rave Reviews

Answered an RP request the other day as the prompt fit into my character story, and it has been a wonderful couple of days! I'm writing with two of Stormie's characters, and we got thing going so smoothly and we seem to mesh well with our words! We're only a handful of posts in but it has the workings of becoming an epic story! Along with the two boxes I ticked, I will add that Stormiedayz is a wonderful writer! Write with her!
- Scott Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Anonymous
Stormiedayz joined the Modern World group with a really cool character and I have been loving her writing in a story there! Befriended her because sometimes you can just tell someone is awesome! Enjoying reading along and I look forward to reading more of her work, and maybe one day roleplay with her! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Dawnia

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