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What's up, everyone! Not really good at these things but I'll give it a shot anyway!

Let's see...

I haven't Rp'd in a while BUT I do still like to make stories and characters! I love playing Dungeons & Dragons and videogames as well so we can always have fun talking about that! I'm usually pretty adaptable when it comes to fitting into a theme of a story or RP but I'm sure everyone says that.

I'm currently working on a small project of my own and might bring it here once its done, until then I'm just a guy looking for some good roleplay!

Hope to join some of you soon!

Rave Reviews

Awesome person to know, great sense of humor, and a wonderful writer. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Cromagus410
I have yet to see what Crown has to offer, and I'm quite excited to witness it, but so far, he's been a bundle of joy whenever he pops up. I truly appreciate Crown's contribution and love seeing him around with the rest of the WoD family!

But as a writer, he's been consistent and showed patience when working with the complex system of the group. I really can't wait to see with what else will he come up and where will he guide his stories :3 Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - Queen_of_Hell

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