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I'm Vera, your resident demon mami.

RP's currently writing: 1
Open to more?: no

I'm a casual writer in my late twenties, willing to explore most themes and ideas. I generally stick to original work, as fandom works feel too restrictive to me. My favourite themes are dark and moody, especially of the fantasy variety. I love all things dark cabaret / cabaret Goth, and I'm in love with bdsm clothing, with the belts and chains and such (Though I'm too shy to wear it in public..!).

I write near exclusively third person past tense with multi paragraphs. I tend to focus on character feelings and internal thoughts, and by far prefer character driven plots over other plot drivers. Although I prefer fantasy in almost every scenario, I don't have a particular time period preference- it can be medieval/historical fantasy, modern fantasy or even science fantasy. I love creating worlds and creative details, and modern realistic settings don't often capture me.

I may not be new to writing, but I am new to role playing, so you'll have to go easy on me! I consider myself a rather literate individual (though I wouldn't say I'm super high end literate either).

The characters I typically like to write fall into the femme fatal variety; cold and ambitious, but who is charismatic and can command a room.

Want to know something about me? Just ask! My dms are always open!

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