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  • Age: 31

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So you want to know me, tread lightly, just because you can feel the water, doesn't mean you can walk upon it.

Here is some information about me that may catch your eye. I have an interest in art, the macabre, psychology, education, nature, various religions, rewatching movies/TV shows I've already seen and the unseen, the taboo, mythical creature/beast origins, and herbal medicines. I am quite introverted, anti-social, and have a tendency to be blunt.
At times, I can also be an extrovert when I am excited - this is typically drawn out by certain types of conversations or role-play. I have been known to steal the covers, turn on the heater at inappropriate temperatures, take scalding hot baths, have so much tea (and various kinds) that I don't know how to store it all, suffer from severe, suicidal depression, be a little too particular about cleaning, and seem to love my dogs more than people.

I'm more of a one-on-one type role-player, but I occasionally will participate in small groups of role-players, typically with people who are familiar with each other, or I am very familiar with personally. I am a lover of Discord RP, it's where I prefer to do my roleplay. I really suck at RPR roleplay simply because I do a lot of my post from my phone rather than the computer.

Speaking of Discord, Disco is one of those things I'm funny about. If you don't talk to me on there after I dunno, a month or two, you may see me poof from your contact list, not because I don't want to talk to you, but I don't like scrolling through names of people I don't talk to. It's as simple as that. If you want to add me back, feel free, you aren't blocked, but Discord for me is like an active chat program for me. If you just want to befriend me, we can stay connected and friended via RPR.

Do not take this personally, I do not befriend people who send random friend request and I only befriend people I have had good interactions with or wish to have future interactions with. I do not talk much in general, like I mentioned above, however, I do like to check in on my partners and see how they are doing if things grow quiet.

So what are you looking for Vicious?

PM RP Availability: Looking for Long Term RP/Story building with adults 21+

RP Types I enjoy:
  • Adult, humorous types of rp, obviously.
  • Slow-burn romance/Sexual.
  • Combat, war.
  • Small Group RPs for adventure
  • Dark and macabre
  • Humor
  • Fantasy (Different worlds, species, etc.)
  • Differing eras (victorian, medieval, etc.)

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