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I'm more of a one-on-one type role-player, but I occasionally will participate in small groups of role-players. I am a lover of Discord RP, it's where I prefer to do my roleplay. I really suck at RPR roleplay simply because I do a lot of my post from my phone rather than the computer.

So what are you looking for Vicious?

PM RP Availability: Looking for Long Term RP/Story building with adults 21+
I am available to chat all the time. I am available to rp typically in the evenings or weekends, not necessarily on the daily. Depends on what is going on in my life but I'm always on or near a device where I can be reached by discord. :)

RP Types I enjoy:
  • Adult, humorous types of rp, obviously.
  • Slow-burn romance/Sexual.
  • Combat, war.
  • Small Group RPs for adventure
  • Dark and macabre
  • Humor
  • Fantasy (Different worlds, species, etc.)
  • Differing eras (victorian, medieval, etc.)

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