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Bisexual | Teenage Adult | Female

Hello! <3 My name is Wilted_Roses, but I preferred to be called Wilt because it's easier to spell and it doesn't take as long. ^^ <3 :) Well, anyway, I don't count myself as a newbie anymore on this site and I support this site a lot. :)

Do's and Dont's
1. Smutt (won't do it is asked not to and for young people ill keep it down and not do it)
2. Romance (won't do if asked)
3. I ask for permission to do stuff
4. Gore (please tell me if you want it in the RP or not)
5. Cursing (ask me to stop and I will)
1. Control other people characters (I find that rude.. so don't.)
2. Being mean (don't be a jerk to others)
3. Kill peoples characters without permission (please listen to this rule)
4. Make story all about myself (If you do that.. ill not RP with you.)

What I look like:
I have pure died hair that falls to the middle of my back. My left ear has a piercing on the upper part if my cartilage. I have contacts and I usually wear make up. Main colors I wear most the time is black, white, purple, blue, and green. My skin is REALLY pale and it won't tan for some reason, and my body is slim. I have a starring jaw line and my cheekbones are high and sharp.


Ok, I have friends. I swear. And they are awesome. :) this list is not rated from my best friend to my least, it's just my friends and I treat them all equally.
1. Wolfpack_Awoooo
2. Stephaniej
3. Ryokinu
4. TardisCatTwo
5. lowlaville
6. Fallen8008
7. TheDevilsDetective
8. Section
9. Jnost_54321
10. Amp1Buddy
11. MrFalcon
12. Moshi

Cute pictures of gifs



Okay.. Guys, this is serious time. My last is pretty messed up and my family isn't on the best of terms. My close friends know about my past and if you ask about it, ill only tell you if I'm comfortable about telling you. Here's a few simple things about my past. My parents are divorced and hate each other. My sister lives with my dad and I love with my mom. That's all your getting out of me and if you want to know, ask, and I MIGHT tell you! Now, my life is also my personal business and that means don't pry into every little detail about my past, present, or what I want in the future.

Now... some things about me. SOME I SAY, SOME. Not everything! XD well here it is: 1. I have suicidal thoughts (I'm getting help so don't worry)
2. I have severe depression and anxiety (don't fret)
3. I'm single (please.. my love life sucks so don't ask about it..)
4. I never had a first kiss, first hug, or anything like that.
5. I have a crush on a boy (NOT SAYING)
6. Wolves are my favorite animal
7. I watch anime and read some manga
8. I write books
9. My fave color is... PURPLE! (XD)

My favorite Songs

message me anytime and RP with me anytime. I do all genres except historical and I hope we can become great and fantastic friends. :)

Rave Reviews

She is kind and fun to talk to, I haven't talked to her for long and already I feel like we are great friends! She makes me smile with every message, I can't wait to start rping with her! :3 - Ryokinu
Wilt is a lovely person! She is friendly and gentle, and a total sweetheart. A really friendly person with a good heart, if you ever get the chance be her friend, she is so kind it hurts! - Moshi

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