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Step into a dark themed, medieval adventure. There awaits a world where black and white may not easily be defined.

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Over the past two decades, I have been designing and writing extensive notes on races, landmass and features, politics, and events for my own fantasy dimension. This also includes 142 characters.
I also have a skill in mesh editing and modding games. I use my experience of certain games to establish a base for my creations. In other words, Skyrim is a large sandbox I dump my own crap in.

I have experience of the 11th century to 18th-century historical reenactment. This includes living history and battles with as much accurate detail as can be portrayed. I am also a historical researcher and apply facts to a framework to make my creations more plausible. I have also studied in great depth folklore, myths, Witchcraft, and Druidism which also contributes to evolving my world and my characters. I am heavily influenced by British and Irish folklore, and some Nordic from my time as a reenactor, and I've also dabbled in LARP, which was highly amusing.

I won't write long biographies on here for my characters, if you ever encounter one you should not know everything about them right away. Exploration, intrigue, and a certain amount of mystery keeps your interest in a character for longer. Most of my characters I intend to publish here are shrouded in mystery, their personal background will only be revealed through friendship, trust, and a certain amount of affection.

My writing style is usually a few paragraphs at a time. I tend not to draw out a scene more than it needs to be especially area descriptions, this also allows another writer to involve themselves with the scene if they want to contribute to its detail. We share what we see.

I also plan plots like playing chess. Considering the first move then calculation the response of the player before employing any devious strategy after that.


I must admit, I'm used to writing more about historical facts than a fantasy story. So this is almost a new experience for me.

Romantic settings are welcome but I will not write explicit adult material, nor be associated with a story that contains it. Romance is to inspire the heart and imagination.

I prefer playing the villain, in a cordial and alluring demeanor and some (Not All) of my characters have a degree of wickedness about them, but in most cases it's justifiable. They do cuss, occasionally, especially the Witch elves who also have a sense of humor. My characters are unique and have been developed over the past several years, some even longer than that so their approach, personality, and perception are already established which makes responding to posts more continuous.

Compilation of studied literature.

J. R. R. Tolkien, complete works.
A. C. Doyle Sherlock Holmes, complete works.
M. Moorcock, complete works.
R. A. Salvatore.
R. Hobb, complete works.
M. Heitz, Dwarves collection and Legends of the Alfar, English translate
T. Pratchet, complete set of novels and audiobooks.
J. Verne, complete works.
C. S. Lewis, complete works.
Dragonlance Chronicles: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, Dragons of Spring Dawning

Plus 123, historical factual books.
22 Classics.
Bronte Sisters.
Jane Austin.
Thomas Hardy.
Mary Shelley.
P. G. Wodehouse.
Bram Stoker.
Dennis Wheatley.
Algernon Blackwood.

37 books on the subjects of myths, legends, folklore, druidism, and witchcraft.
12 Cookbooks on various world cuisine.
1 book entitled DIY. (My least favorite.)

According to the wisdom of the ancient Irish druids the name, "Geimhreadh" is filled with light, poetry, love, knowledge, and power. The one who is gifted with this name is haunting, impactful, mysterious, and full of spirituality and love. It's also the Irish word for winter.

“Níl saoi gan locht”


Rave Reviews

WinterBlack Draoi Is one of the best writers I have had the pleasure of role playing with. His world is detail oriented and his characters each well thought out. He has a stunning sense of purpose to all his posts, making every insignificant incident somehow related to the overall story. He takes his time with character development and truly makes your characters feel part of the story. He will not disappoint! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kayleen
WinterBlackDraoi is such a wonderful writer who has inspired me to take up writing again. His world, characters and story settings really come to life as he will steal your attention with twisting plots and events. He's encouraging and has a sense of humor, a wicked one, which adds to the sparkle of his stories. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DeathandtheMaiden

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