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Artwork by Alaine.

Since I began developing my fantasy world over thirty years ago, I have turned my attention to writing stories based on my worldbuilding as well as other genres that interest me.
In my position as a historian (and as a historical re-enactor for nearly twenty years), I assign facts to make my creations more plausible, regardless of whether magic is involved. Additionally, I studied Witchcraft, Occult, Druidism, and especially Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and British folklore during this thirty-year period.
A current project of mine involves re-examining the mythologies and legends of the Gaelic peoples and writing stories inspired by them.

My favoured genres are Medieval Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, and Contemporary Fantasy.

Each of the characters I have created is original, to my own designs.
I often depict my characters as the male counterpart to Celtic mythological entities, for example, the Leannan Sidhe, the Cat Sith, and the Selkie.

My characters will not have lengthy biographies; rather, exploration, intrigue, and a certain amount of mystery keep your interest.

Important note regarding my characters.
My characters cannot be customized to your specifications. It is inevitable that they will have flaws and a certain attitude, and are written to deal with IC consequences, that's part of the role play. My characters are NOT me, and what is said IC should NOT be taken personally OOC.

Usually, I write in a few paragraphs at a time, focusing on quality over quantity. When appropriate, I may use rhythmical composition to enhance my prose, depending on the character.

While I am open to romantic settings, I will not write explicit adult material.
I will not write with members who use cartoons or anime for characters. I am not a fan. Nor will I participate in a group where adult characters resemble children.
None of my characters who are open to romance will romance any character under the age of 20.
I will not co-write with anyone under 20.

Typically, I write M+F relationships but will engage in M+M relationships if the occasion requires it and if I have faith and trust in the person I am writing with.

Now you know a little about me, however, I am a private man and will not accept random friend requests without a proper introduction and/or participating in my groups. I will accept friend requests if we have conversed on the forums for a while.

Derbyshire Dales, England.

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WinterBlackDraoi is such a wonderful writer who has inspired me to take up writing again. His world, characters and story settings really come to life as he will steal your attention with twisting plots and events. He's encouraging and has a sense of humor, a wicked one, which adds to the sparkle of his stories. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DeathandtheMaiden
WinterBlackDraoi has to be one of the most resourceful writers I have come to know. Well researched, genuine to their prose, and historically diverse, there is a lot to be said about someone who is truly passionate about the yesteryears. A medley of originality mingled with authentic veracity, WinterBlackDraoi remains true to their seemingly infinite roles. What a welcoming opportunity for us all! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Atheist

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