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While I am open to romantic settings for some of my characters it will be based upon mutual attraction between those characters and discussed OOC. I will not write pure explicit adult material.
I will not write with members who use anime for characters. I am not a fan.
Nor will I participate in a group where adult characters resemble children.
None of my characters who are open to romance will romance any character under the age of 20.
I will not write 1+1 in private messages on this site as it is too restrictive.
I do not care what gender you are in real life, nor do I wish to be exposed to your OOC drama. I'm over fifty and want to enjoy my life. I am here to write for pleasure.

I am a mature writer (I find it amusing just writing that) and have been building my own fantasy worlds for over thirty years. My efforts were born from my interest in other fantasy creations such as Tolkien's literature, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Warhammer Fantasy, and of course Mythology (Irish, Scottish, Manx, Welsh, English. Norse, and the Mediterranean.)
I prefer to write between two to five paragraphs and my obligation is to focus on quality, not quantity. I am open to comments and suggestions from my writing partner and prefer to collaborate equally on building worlds where stories can germinate.

My preferred genres are dark fantasy, from ancient civilizations to the renaissance, yet I also enjoy writing historical fiction with as much detailed accuracy as possible regarding everyday life but take pleasure in altering certain historical events.

I have been an artist, historical reenactor, researcher, and historian and now coming up to my Autumn I find myself a writer, I have been writing on and off for many years though it was mainly associated with historical research.

I have played certain computer games such as Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma, The Witcher, Dragon Age Series, Forgotten Realms, etc, and most of my character's features are created using the character generator. I make use of my own poetry and artwork for specific characters and may employ images I have created to complement stories.
There are several characters on display in my profile yet the vast majority will remain anonymous.

The Glass Green (My Own Fantasy Realm, set to private now)

Paper Roses (Historical/Modern Fiction)

Mythic Realms (Fantasy World-Building, open)


Rave Reviews

WinterBlackDraoi is one of the best fantasy and historical genre writers I've encountered. He has an abundance of characters that can slip into any scene while keeping the reader still focused on the story. He has a vast imagination and experience in worldbuilding. In addition to his wicked sense of humor and ability to drive the plot forward, he makes new members feel comfortable. I'm glad I stumbled into his group. :) Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - BayLeafBard
Whether it is creating settings that give you so many possibilities and plotlines, Gevi's imagination is diverse and results in engaging plots, characters, and concepts. A highly recommended role-player and world-builder. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - FadedTapestry

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