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Artwork by Alaine.

I began to develop my fantasy world over thirty years ago but in the last several years, I have applied myself to writing stories in regards to my world-building.
As a historical researcher (and was a historical reenactor for nearly twenty years), I assign facts to make my creations more plausible even though there may be magic involved, and also over the thirty-year span, I’ve studied Witchcraft, Occult, Druidism, and particularly Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and British folklore. which also contributes to evolving my world and my characters.

I have begun to write my first novel, The Sounding Cataract. This is set sixty years previous to The Glass Green and involves several of the main characters. It will be a long process as I have thirty years of notes and records to plough through and connect like jigsaw pieces.
It could take several months to a year, or more. But, it will be written and published, I assure you that.

All of the characters I have designed are original, I portray many of my characters as the male counterpart respecting mythological entities, for instance, the Leannan Sidhe, Cat Sith, Selkie, etc. I mainly use the Character Creation in my modded Skyrim for most of my characters and can design characters for others.

I will not write long biographies for my characters, exploration, intrigue, and a certain amount of mystery keep your interest in a character for longer. Plus I enjoy springing surprises.
Many of my characters are designed for a specific role in The Glass Green and Black Chalice.

My writing style is usually a few paragraphs at a time. I will not write repetitive descriptions in regard to my character's features or the scenery to fill out my post. I may sometimes employ the art of rhythmical composition to compliment my prose, however, that depends on the character employed.

Romantic settings are welcome but I will not write explicit adult material.
I will not write with members who use anime for characters. It's not my scene, as they look far too childlike. Nor will I participate in a group where adult characters resemble children.
None of my characters who are open to romance will romance any character under the age of 20.
I will not co-write with anyone under 20.
I very, very rarely play a female character as you can deduce from my character list. I prefer to write M+F relationships but will engage in M+M relationships if the occasion calls for it and I have trust in my writing partner.

Now you know a little about me, however, I am a private man and will not accept random friend requests without a proper introduction and/or participating in my groups. I will accept friend requests if we have conversed on the forums for a while.


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WinterBlackDraoi is such a wonderful writer who has inspired me to take up writing again. His world, characters and story settings really come to life as he will steal your attention with twisting plots and events. He's encouraging and has a sense of humor, a wicked one, which adds to the sparkle of his stories. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DeathandtheMaiden
WinterBlackDraoi is an extremely generous person with their time for everyone he RPs with. It has been a pleasure to RP with him and the people in his group, The Glass Green. He is a wonderful writer with a clear vision and sense of purpose in his writing. He has a wicked sense of humour which has helped put me at ease when I came in as a new member of his group about two months ago. All his characters are unique and intriguing. I highly recommend RPing with him! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Falyn

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