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Hi everyone!
At the moment I have all of my characters on private, so if you are interested in rping with me message me what you are interested in and I'll give you my list!

I love new rps, but sometimes I can be shy to start conversation. So if you want to RP please shoot me a message! I don't bite that often.

RP Info
Style: Para, not wordy
Genres: Fantasy, Modern, Sci-Fi, etc. Willing to try anything!
(romance only as an element)
Favorite Themes: Conflict, War, Injuries, Comedy
Least Favorite Themes: Fluff, Quick conflict fixes
Adult Themes: Possible. I like to feel comfortable with the other player first.
Other Questions: Just ask! :)

Rave Reviews

This is long, long, long overdue! Pandah, here, is one of the most creative minds i've had the pleasure of collaborating with. All of her works that i've been a part of have been highly enjoyable and I soon hope to someday take part in future collaborations! - R08813
Pandah has some really diverse profiles. Each character she plays has their own personality and look. There seems to be no cut and paste here. The profiles are well set up and give enough info without giving it away. The characters are adaptable too - that's always a plus when playing with different people! - TheLily

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