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Hi everyone!
At the moment I have all of my characters on private, so if you are interested in rping with me message me what you are interested in and I'll give you my list!

I love new rps, but sometimes I can be shy to start conversation. So if you want to RP please shoot me a message! I don't bite that often.

RP Info
Style: Para, not wordy
Genres: Fantasy, Modern, Sci-Fi, etc. Willing to try anything!
(romance only as an element)
Favorite Themes: Conflict, War, Injuries, Comedy
Least Favorite Themes: Fluff, Quick conflict fixes
Adult Themes: Possible. I like to feel comfortable with the other player first.
Other Questions: Just ask! :)

Rave Reviews

This girl right here. HNNGH. RP is abundant and so much fun. I love, love, LOVE RPing with Pandah. All her characters are so well thought out and developed. There's never a dull moment in any scene and it's so exciting to see what will happen next! Look no further than this lovely lady for a good time. Giggity. - RamonaJ
Pandah has always been a wonderful friend to me. She is alway there for me whenever I just need someone to talk to, and... being Magneto in our wonderful X-Men RP group... *gets Charles-face on* "Erik, my old friend... I have no words for your actions, but I do appreciate your sentiments toward Mutant-kind." Haha Pandah, darling, just keep being yourself. - DianaLocke

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