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  • Age: 21

Canadian cryptid, bone-collector, he-niece of the devil. I have many human features such as "blood" and "skin."

RP status:
It's a no-go, boss. Come September I'll be doing my postgrad, which will eat up 99% of my free time. I plan to spend the last 1% unconscious.

Rave Reviews

  • A pretty awesome person all around who took time out of their busy school schedule to introduce me to some very decent musical choices I had not considered despite fitting my own preferences rather well. Keep being awesome Yersinia, good luck with school.
    -- AlexSilverX
  • Yers likes my cats so 10/10. But seriously, the roleplay I have with Yers has become one of my all-time favorites. Gabriel is such a well-written, dynamic character (I was going to say that he feels alive but. no. He Ghost). Engaging writing style, fun to plot with,...
    -- ollie

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