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Canadian cryptid, collector of curios, your long lost he-niece. I have many human features such as "blood" and "skin."


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Wow! What a creative and lovely person with an abundance of absolutely riveting ideas and a beautiful personality to boot! I could throw ideas between this lovely for hours! <3 Definitely a person I recommend through and through. - Kyce
Yers likes my cats so 10/10. But in all seriousness, the roleplay I have with Yers has become one of my all-time favorites. Incredibly creative, fun to plot with, engaging writing style, fascinating and beautifully original characters, and overall one of the best writers I know-- I'm beyond glad we've met because since then, Yers has become a good friend of mine, and I'm very thankful to be friends with such a talented, mysterious vulture cryptid :^) - haunt

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