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Hey hey~! My name is Yuki, but I do sometimes go by Cirta~. I am genderfluid and a complete nerd.

Art, Rp and gaming are big parts of my life that have built me up and helped me along the way.

I have been roleplaying on different sites since 2005 and I have had a lot of fun growing while doing so. In 2007, I decided not just to make a rp character, but a character to kick off a world and a story that I have been building ever since. So far, there are 43 fleshed out characters, a giant world that is almost fully detailed and made to work in, and I even have a bunch of research sets on the different races.

One main thing I love is art! I have been drawing since I can remember and I don't ever plan to stop creating. I do digital and traditional art, crafting, sculpting, sewing, resin crafting and much more. My dream is at some point to create my story(manga) and get it published and out there, and also to work at Blizzard.

Gaming is also another thing I enjoy heavily, and I am obsessed with MMOs. My favorite has to be World of Warcraft which only amplifies my inspiration in art and rp and more. I am even trying to stream art and gaming more often over on my twitch cause I love playing and seeing all the different styles and types of games out there and showing others what a great time it can be.

I love making people smile!!!

I love all kinds of rp topics and honestly don't really have any I hate. I do like having at least a 2 paragraph minimum so there's at least some type of substance to every reply. One liners will not be allowed (That's more of a mess around type left for Discord friends). And please no text talk.

I do have a Discord, but that is only for people I feel comfortable giving it out to after talking for a time.

Work: I work for myself so my schedule is a bit wacky. My work status all depends on what commissions/jobs I have so my activity may fluctuate. But if I know that there's a time when I won't be able to reply or anything, I will inform my partner so there's no awkward silence.

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-I WILL NOT rp with anyone under the age of 18!

-DO NOT START ANY OOC DRAMA, I will not tolerate it and you will be blocked.

-Respect me and I will respect you, I will treat everyone how they deserve to be treated.

-Muse is not Mun, Whatever the muses do, does not mean that the mun thinks of it in the same way.

-I am open to any type of rps. Mun is 21+ and has no problem working with NSFW threads.(This does not only include smut. But I will not do any smut based rps!)

-DO NOT GODMOD or that will be an automatic drop of thread. (Unless it is talked about before hand between the muns)

-Profile Inspired by Hadeslicious -

Twitch[Art streams sometimes]

Rave Reviews

Yuki! I cannot believe that such a talented artist has barely joined RPR and the lovely Tam'nyer-a' group, because she has been so active and done so many things in a short time. She has a variety of characters with amazing art, and her drawing style is so charming that I am thrilled she has accepted a few commissions (and hopefully more to come! <3) Also, Yuki streams and it is a joy to simply watch her draw! Keep being amazing, lovely! - DorianM
What to say about this particular person? Yuki is a blushy, adorable and extremely talented individual. They deserve all the praise that they can get. They are a wonderful writer, creator and artist in more ways than one. Not only does Yuki draw, they sculpt and sing too! They are an absolute delight OOC with a big heart, and love for skulls. You should definitely check out her stuff. You won't regret it in the least. <3 Thank you for being you, Love. - Demilicious

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