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Ah, benz. We all know that she only plays Nero anymore, but that's ok. Nero is a phenomenal character of unparalleled masculinity. I have not played with even one single other male character who was more interesting to me than Nero is. It is a joy to have her as an RP Partner, and moreover, a best friend. - Trishields
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUDOS! - Benzy oh my Benzy. This woman is one of the most kind and caring people I have met online. Our social interactions may be random at times but I absolutely love talking to her every time. Whether it's talking about plot and characters, art and all our creative ideas or even just throwing each other a random 'hey how you doin!' it is always a pleasure. I wish you all the best on this fabulous day. <3 Thanks for being born Benz and thanks for being such a great friend. <3 - Isnelx

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