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I don't accept friend requests from people I don't at least know a little, sorry!

RIP Mowgli🌈
Thank you, Shuck <3



Brit, Mokiedokie, Momo, Mokijones, Moke, Mokster, Brittle, Single T, Red, Brit Brit, Moke, Mokle, B.



Crazy cat lady - 4 cats.(Used to be 5 :<)
RPing for 18 years. Almost all of that on Furcadia. Moreso on Discord now.
Merenrave, Shuck, and MadRatBird are my bestest friends and wonderful people.
Butts. I love them.
Love everything TES, especially Skyrim and ESO.
Giant Pokemon nerd. Jolteon is the best.
Avid tabletop/card/dice gamer.
In a relationship for 9 years.
Love everything about ASOIAF/GoT.
Music is love. Music is always the answer.
I like raptors, can you tell?
Blue and Purple are equally my favorite colors. I hate red.
I love science.
I love colors.
Recently diagnosed with ADD, even with meds I can be a bit spacey.
Also got me a case of severe major depression. So, yanno, thats a thing sometimes.
IDC about pronouns. If you wanna call me she, he, it, they, I really don't care.
Not Straight™
Drama free is the way to be, unless its IC.
I highly value honesty and communication with my RP partners.
Online times vary. Usually will be evenings. CST.
ooc typing is lazy deal with it or go away kthx




Rave Reviews

As vibrant a person as her raptorsona would imply, Moki is a force to be reckoned with. She can be ur angle...or ur devil. Whether we're up to mischief or collaboratively problem solving, I am heartened to have her on my side. I truly adore her, no matter how you slice it...even if she savagely turned me down for RP once three years ago. But who's counting? ;) - Auberon
Moki is probably one of my favorite RP partners in ten years. She writes inviting and vivid stories that keep you hooked. I cannot even give enough Kudos to her for the great exchanges we've had, and the foundation she's given one of my characters to advance upon. She's also very sweet, funny, and interesting OOC. Loves! - Mina

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