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Minors: Do Not Interact

seriously i am slow don't make me feel worse than i already do about it lmao



‣‣ central time zone, us

‣‣ genderfluid; no pronoun pref

‣‣ queer


‣‣ rping for 20+ years

‣‣ sometimes artist

‣‣ too old and tired to bother having a filter anymore

‣‣ communication required
i'm not going to be the only one initiating conversation, asking to rp, or trying to come up with plots. if you want to rp with me, then you gotta pull your weight too. fastest way to get me to lose interest is not engaging with me. if something i say or do bothers you, speak up or else i have no way of knowing. if you don't like the direction a plot is going, say something. i may have interpreted something wrong or gotten confused if it's a multi-person rp. shit happens. it's ok. just let me know.

‣‣ no playing favorites
if you can't make equal time amongst rp partners, then please don't waste mine. i don't tolerate constantly being sidelined for someone else.

‣‣ tread with caution
my writing and rp can and will often venture into dark, taboo, problematic, and triggering topics. on top of that, many themes around my characters will be sexual in nature, be it exploring sexuality, overcoming trauma with sex, physical complications and/or disabilities with sex, using sex as a tool, so on and so forth. if you are uncomfortable with these themes, please either tell me beforehand or simply don't interact.

where to find me:
art twitter
discord: moki #7085 (pls send message first)


RIP Mowgli
Thank you, Shuck <3

Rave Reviews

Hmm, truthfully, I have absolutely no clue how to pitch this in a way that accurately reflects just how enriched my days have been since Moki became a regular feature. Well the RP, for one thing is exactly what you need. Believe me! This dino knows just how to balance humor with drama, profanity with eloquence. And the person behind the swears? A real, genuine, awe inspiring gem. Don't know how I ever coped without her for a chum - or my fiction without her creativity. Go find out for yourself! - Shuck
Moki is a Cool Dude (tm) and has A+ characters. She's, like, 10 times better at RPing than I am, tho I'm p bad at it so that's not rly saying much. It's fun, tho. Also she's a crazy cat lady and that's gr8. - Jena

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