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Hello! I'm Blu!
I live and work in South Korea (so KST) as an artist + translator.
Every art piece on my character's profiles belong to me.
Please don't use any of them for your own purposes.

My work has me on the computer a lot so I’m super active with replies.
Looking for a partner that is active too! I only RP MxM pairings~
And I tend to write a lot (3-5+ paragraphs)

DISCLAIMER: There have been multiple occasions where I'll go through the planning part of a RP smoothly, but the moment I throw my reply out there, my partner ghosts. A few times, the partner came back and told me the reason they did that is because my writing is 'intimidating'. So I want to highlight one more time, I write a lot. Not novels, but minimum 300 words a post. I love writing and it comes to me easily when I'm enjoying a RP. If big responses make you uncomfortable, please-please-please don't start a RP with me. ^^;; It's a waste of both of our times.

I enjoy darker themed RPs the most, and tend to get bored by too much fluff. I think my username is a big hint as to what kind of plots I enjoy! Violence, power struggles, conflict? I’m all for that!

★ My DMs are always open so hit me up if you want to start something~

Curious about my username but never heard of the story of Blue Beard?
Scroll down to read about it! (* the image and story below don't belong to me)

Bluebeard is a wealthy and powerful nobleman who has been married several times to beautiful women who have all mysteriously vanished. When Bluebeard visits his neighbor and asks to marry one of his daughters, the girls are terrified. After hosting a wonderful banquet, he chooses the youngest daughter to be his wife – against her will – and she goes to live with him in his rich and luxurious palace in the countryside, away from her family.

Bluebeard announces that he must leave for the country and gives the keys of the château to his wife. She is able to open any door in the house with them, each of which contain some of his riches, except for an underground chamber that he strictly forbids her to enter lest she suffer his wrath. He then goes away and leaves the house and the keys in her hands. She invites her sister, Anne, and her friends and cousins over for a party. However, she is eventually overcome with the desire to see what the forbidden room holds, and she sneaks away from the party and ventures into the room.

She immediately discovers the room is flooded with blood and the murdered corpses of Bluebeard's former wives hanging on hooks from the walls. Horrified, she drops the key in the blood and flees the room. She tries to wash the blood from the key, but the key is magical and the blood cannot be removed. Fearing for her life, she reveals her husband's secret to her visiting sister, and they plan to both flee the next morning. However, Bluebeard unexpectedly returns and finds the bloody key. In a blind rage, he threatens to kill his wife on the spot, but she asks for one last prayer with her sister Anne. Then, as Bluebeard is about to deliver the fatal blow, Anne and the wife's brothers arrive and kill Bluebeard. The wife inherits his fortune and castle, and has the dead wives buried. She uses the fortune to have her other siblings married then remarries herself, finally moving on from her horrible experience with Bluebeard.

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Rave Reviews

Easily one of the best writers I've ever worked with, each of her posts feels like an absolute gift; her writing is engaging and compelling, and her characters are extremely well written, driving me to bring my A-game! In addition to being a great writer, Blue is also an amazing artist! I love her style and get so hype when she brings her gorgeous arts to me! On top of it all, she's also super sweet and funny OOC, always fun to talk to and work with! I'm so lucky to have met Blue!! <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - cocobeef

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