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Hello! I'm Blu!
I live and work in South Korea (so KST) as an artist + translator.
Every art piece on my character's profiles belong to me.
Please don't use any of them for your own purposes.

That being said, if I get lazy/don't have time to draw I tend to use more face claims.
[ sorrynotsorry ]

I only RP MxM pairings~ And I tend to write a lot (3-5+ paragraphs)!! I enjoy darker themed RPs the most, and sadly get bored by too much fluff. Violence, power struggles, plot twists, conflict? I’m all for that! Though too much drama can also be exhausting, so hopefully we will find a good balance together! :}

Sub? Dom? Switch?
I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE playing brats. I cannot stress this enough.
My characters are mouthy, sassy, bratty little things that will walk all over you if they're given the slightest chance. So unless your character is mentally and physically strong enough to handle them, then me and my characters will both get bored.

It's more fun in my opinion if submission is earned, not just given.

That being said, I also understand it's annoying to play with 'untamable' characters. That's not what I'm bringing to the table. I just love wit, quips, banter and 'stings' that are clever. My brat can easily come to respect your character if they prove themselvesmentally strong. And if that can't be achieved immediately, well, a little power-struggle and rough-play is always fun. :D

In conclusion: I play bratty subs, that sometimes try to top their Doms just to piss them off/regain control. So, technically switches? xD

My work has me on the computer a lot so I’m super active with replies. I will most likely reply multiple times a day! But keep in mind that our time difference might get in the way... MIGHT because my sleep schedule is actually all over the place so maybe not.

Regardless, I'm looking for a partner that is active too!

PLEASE READ: There have been multiple occasions where I'll go through the planning part of a RP smoothly, but the moment I throw my reply out there, my partner ghosts. A few times, the partner came back and told me the reason they did that is because my writing is 'intimidating'. So I want to highlight one more time, I write a lot. Not novels, but minimum 300 words a post. I love writing and it comes to me easily when I'm enjoying a RP. If big responses make you uncomfortable, please-please-please don't start a RP with me. ^^;; It's a waste of both of our times.

Warning: I've gotten to a point where if I don't hear from someone within a week, I just assume they've ghosted me. Around 2 weeks I lose my muse and struggle to get back into the mindset. :[ Apologies for my fickle nature.

★ My DMs are always open so hit me up if you want to start something~

Rave Reviews

Easily one of the best writers I've ever worked with, each of her posts feels like an absolute gift; her writing is engaging and compelling, and her characters are extremely well written, driving me to bring my A-game! In addition to being a great writer, Blue is also an amazing artist! I love her style and get so hype when she brings her gorgeous arts to me! On top of it all, she's also super sweet and funny OOC, always fun to talk to and work with! I'm so lucky to have met Blue!! <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - cocobeef

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