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i may not look very "active" but i'm pretty much down to RP 98% of the time. hit me up on discord (👌•#9469) if you want a way faster response.

don't hesitate to message me
(i don't RP with minors, sorry!)
current main OC and hyperfixation: YM&VB!

LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ+ friendly.
trans and trans friendly.
pretty much just friendly

[ t*rfs | n*zis | ddlg | maps | do not interact ]

Rave Reviews

AAAA OLLY! For starters ILYSMMMM!!! You're like??? On of my fave peeps to RP with!!! Their characters are so amazing and their art is amazing and they're??? They're amazing? They're so much fun to talk to about RP or art or honestly anything? I really vibe with them but like, how can anyone not? Their characters are stunning too, you can't just pick a fav because it's impossible, hah! Creative ideas Concise posts - Kamui
Okay, first of all, this person is really amazing! The depth of their characters and replies is so amazing, and honestly? Just drives you in further and makes you grumble with annoyancce once you've finished reading the reply. I've only rped with Vault and PD, but all the other characters are amazing as well. The artstyle is amazing and they've really helped me with my art as well.This person is one of the nicest people, and I love how they care for people outside the rp as well :D Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - LizardDen

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