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I honestly don't know where to start. She is simply AMAZING. Her characters are thought out, with their own personalities. Cam is an amazing character and meshes perfectly with Els. EM is a fantastic rper and even a greater friend. This past year has been fanstastic and all I can do is wait with anticipation for what's to come in the coming year. If you haven't gotten a chance to Rp with Em, please do. You don't know what you're missing. <3 - Raerae
This gal appeared in my life during a weird time but we'd met briefly before. My biggest regret is not having the time I needed to get to know you back then like I do now. Em is a compassionate, earnest human being with a love of writing that can't be matched by most others. She reminds me I'm loved every day and I love her too <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Augustus

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