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Hello I am fish or Ezra, I use they/them pronouns and:

Unless stated otherwise all my oc's art was drawn by me. (THAT SAID my icon was done by this amazing artist)


I'm a nervous writer and artist who likes to make FAR too many ocs than is good for me

I'm a safe space, I might not always understand what's going on but I will always do my best to listen because you know sometimes in life you don't need a person offering advice. Sometimes you just need a person to be there and be quiet and let you talk.

I got two cats who I will talk about all day long if I am able.

Things to know I suppose

-> Please do not interact with me if you are under 20, I do not feel comfortable rping at this point interacting with teenagers even if you're 18-19.

-> I will do my best to match my writing partner's length in posts. Sometimes I go a bit ham and write up to 5 to 6 paragraphs. I'm chronically ill and mentally ill these things do impact my life every day and may lead to slower replies but I will always do my best to give you more than one paragraph back. (I do not do one line rps they just aren't fun for me)

-> Life happens I'll let you know in a separate message if I might not be able to reply in the next day or so, I just ask that you do the same

-> I love talking ocs, please tell me about your characters tell me what makes you excited about them

-> I enjoy rps that range anywhere from fluff to deep dark and depressing, believe me when I say I am A JERK to my characters and I really should give one of them a happy backstory but when I'm making them it always ends up all whoops my hand slipped and now thats real depressing

-> Please don't ghost me on rp, just tell me if you don't want to continue it and I'll drop it as well and that's fine

-> THAT SAID if you don't feel like you can message me to say you don't feel like you want to continue the rp then that's fine. I'll just assume after a month that things are over and that is all fine. No stress.

-> I feel much more comfortable writing with people who are 20 or older just due to some of my character's backstories and personalities.

-> I feel rp flows better when character's develop their relationship naturally over time, not just day one oh we were best friends or oh man instantly in love. Mostly I feel a bit awkward trying to manage those types of rps.

-> I AM WEAK for enemies to friends or enemies to lovers though

-> I don't tend to rp in modern settings but I can, I just reallllllly like fantasy and adventure a lot

-> Please feel free to message me at any time I will always do my best to reply

*~ Aside from Silver here are some OCS that aren't actually listed in a profile if you have any questions about them please let me know! ~*


Rave Reviews

Fiesch is a super fun person to write with! Their characters have a lot of depth and they bring awesome ideas to every RP! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Rivine
Fiesch is freaking amazing at what they do! I love their character profiles, I lover their characters, and especially their character art. I enjoy our interactions and they're an amazing person. Also I really enjoy how they write their roleplays it's just *chef kiss*.awesome. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Galaxy-Star

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