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Hello I am fish or Ezra, I use they/them pronouns and:

I'm in a committed relationship

all ic stays ic no ooc crossover

As much as I love a good romance plot I am fade to black only I do not write out erp


I'm a nervous writer and artist who likes to make FAR too many ocs than is good for me

I'm a safe space, I might not always understand what's going on but I will always do my best to listen because you know sometimes in life you don't need a person offering advice. Sometimes you just need a person to be there and be quiet and let you talk.

I got two cats who I will talk about all day long if I am able.

Things to know I suppose

-> Please do not interact with me if you are under 20, I do not feel comfortable rping at this point interacting with teenagers even if you're 18-19.

-> I will do my best to match my writing partner's length in posts. Sometimes I go a bit ham and write up to 5 to 6 paragraphs. I'm chronically ill and mentally ill these things do impact my life every day and may lead to slower replies but I will always do my best to give you more than one paragraph back. (I do not do one line rps they just aren't fun for me)

-> Life happens I'll let you know in a separate message if I might not be able to reply in the next day or so, I just ask that you do the same

-> I love talking ocs, please tell me about your characters tell me what makes you excited about them

-> I enjoy rps that range anywhere from fluff to deep dark and depressing, believe me when I say I am A JERK to my characters and I really should give one of them a happy backstory but when I'm making them it always ends up all whoops my hand slipped and now thats real depressing

-> Please don't ghost me on rp, just tell me if you don't want to continue it and I'll drop it as well and that's fine

-> THAT SAID if you don't feel like you can message me to say you don't feel like you want to continue the rp then that's fine. I'll just assume after a month that things are over and that is all fine. No stress.

-> I feel much more comfortable writing with people who are 20 or older just due to some of my character's backstories and personalities.

-> I feel rp flows better when character's develop their relationship naturally over time, not just day one oh we were best friends or oh man instantly in love. Mostly I feel a bit awkward trying to manage those types of rps.

-> I AM WEAK for enemies to friends or enemies to lovers though

-> I don't tend to rp in modern settings but I can, I just reallllllly like fantasy and adventure a lot

-> Please feel free to message me at any time I will always do my best to reply


Rave Reviews

Fiesch's characters are very detailed and well played, the way they describe and play their characters is awesome and its a pleasure to RP with them. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - EvanlynDestiny
Honestly we haven't been writing together for long but I do still want to express just how much I enjoy writing with fiesch! They're kind and very understanding, and they're good with letting me know about certain delays in roleplay due to IRL circumstances which is always nice! They're replies are always great and I get excited whenever I see a response. Also have I mentioned their art? They have such a unique and lovely style!! I highly suggest messaging them ❤ Kind and understanding Concise posts - Mytho

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