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Broke Schoolgirl Daydreaming her way through life!

A little about me,
I love reading and movies as well as the occasional excursion into the outdoors. I also enjoy board games and even play a few video games.

Despite my username, I am more into superheroes than anime. Particular interest would be the MCU and several retro animated series like Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited. Though I also like Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Your Name, and (inevitably) Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

I also enjoy graphic novels and webcomics. A few of note being: V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Stand Still Stay Silent, Gunnerkrigg Court, Wilde Life, and Dumbing of Age. I would very much welcome any conversations on these topics as I am the odd-girl-out in my group and none of my real-life friends have any interest in these. So I am desperately starved for conversation on them.

I am usually online 3-4 days a week and will almost always manage to get at least a few replies out each of those days. That being said, I am fairly detail oriented and lean towards longer, thought out posts as opposed to one or two liners.

I do need to mention that I am inherently wary of anonymous characters. I am not saying it is impossible that I will be open to using them, just that I will likely need convincing. I have some trust issues and have already been ghosted by them. I also find the lack of information on who I am dealing with incredibly distracting. If you are comfortable including your profile when contacting me with such characters it is ENORMOUSLY appreciated.

Due to the recent uptick in unsolicited friend requests, I need to add a small caveat here. I totally want to make new friends and am very welcoming! But I am not going to blindly accept a friend request unless it comes with a direct message or two so I know we get along. :)

A bit about my RP style/desires.
I am afraid I have to admit to being a little high-maintenance. (but not in a mean way, I promise!)
I view all RPs that I join more as co-written short (or long) stories than anything else. As a result I am invested in world-building and at least a generalized framework of a story or certain goals for our characters to work towards.

For narration I use 3rd person past-tense semi-omniscient almost exclusively. I'm not opposed to other forms per se, but I would probably need some OOC collaboration to work out logistics.

The current genres I am most interested in are Urban/Modern Fantasy. Good points of reference being titles such as: The Dresden Files, The Rivers Of London, Sandman, and (problematic racism and sexism aside) the lovecraftian mythos.

While I am currently most interested in adventure, suspense, mystery, or horror storylines, I can be convinced to take on more general romance or period settings. (WWII, American War of Independence, and WWI being of particular interest as settings) Though I will likely still need some sort of plot-driving element to maintain my interest.

I am also only just beginning to take an interest in 80s/90s styled science fiction. (Sources of reference being Tales From The Loop or Stranger Things)

I used to do a large amount of high fantasy settings, (Tolkien, D&D, Pathfinder, Wheel Of Time, and Stormlight Archives being the inspiration) but am currently suffering from burnout in this genre. While it is possible I may be convinced, I think it somewhat unlikely.

If none of those are up your alley, or you don't see your specific interest outlined here please feel free to send me a message anytime. I promise I am more friendly than I am making this profile sound. Even if you have no interest in setting something up, I am very welcoming of new friends and love a good discussion on a variety of topics.

I am still deathly curious over the identity of whoever left my first kudos on Kara Marshal down below. Hopefully one day they will return to my profile and even if they do not wish to make themselves known, I want to say how touched I was at the kind words. It really made my arrival to this site incredibly pleasant. I have also been very impressed with the vast majority of welcoming and friendly individuals I have met so far.

Thank you kind stranger! And thank you new friends!


8-bit me!

Rave Reviews

I’ve really enjoyed the chats with Full Marvel Alchemist since the time she joined RPR. Though it is doubtful I will start any roleplays with her in the near future, I can tell by our conversations that she would be really fun to write with! If you find yourself writing stories with Full Marvel Alchemist, I’m sure they will be fun and enjoyable! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Rogue-Scribe
After reading Kara's story, I've gotta say - I love it! It's very creative, and went places I absolutely did not expect (in the best way possible!) Great job! Creative ideas - Anonymous

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