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⚘ – She, her, herself– ⚘


Hello everyone! I go by Nox and I started role playing looong ago, but I never really had experience in forum roleplay or such great plays until I got here and had the pleasure to write with Mintelle, who kindly introduced me to the site. I have been here for about three years now and I couldn't be happier. Thanks to RPR I've met so many amazing rp partners and I'm always looking forward to find more!

⚘About me:

- I am a college student, I got my Bachelor in Humanities this year and now studying a Master Degree on Advanced Philosophy Studies, which means I won't be as active when I have my exams at the end of the semesters but I try to be here often.
- I have found that although I really enjoy writing my responses what I love most about a rp is reading yours, so long responses are very welcome!
- English is my second language and I currently have a C1 level. However you might find strange choices of words or small mistakes on my posts. I revise three or four times every text I write before posting which is a lot of work but at times I miss some mistakes.
- If you want to know more about me pm me! ^^ I am very friendly to OOC communication. Ask me about my discord too for OOC chat.
- If you are curious about my username and you have noticed some latin in it you are correct. It is a reformulation of Nox Aurumque, one of my favourite choral pieces by Eric Whitacre. Go listen to it here. It means night and gold.

⚘About my times for replies:

- Something you should know if you have a rp with me is that I'm usually more busy on weekends than on weekdays, so my replies are slower from Friday to Sunday. :)
- I always put a lot of effort on my replies and try to make them attractive for people to want reply back ;u; But I too make mistakes (and typos sometimes specially if I'm on my phone ^^; ).
- I prefer long term partners and plays over one offs or short scenes but I'm open to both.
- If you are about to start a rp with me or already have one and wonder –Why would she have picked this title for our play?. Well, I NEVER come up with good original titles so I tend to use verses from my favourite songs XD

Current number of plays ongoing: 11 (Always open for more)


I tend to draw my own characters mostly, but sometimes if I'm inspired enough I draw others' :')
Watch Nox_et_Aurum art here!

⚘Rp requirements:

- Paragraph writing (3+ would be great)
- Use third person
- About character ties:Feel free to ask me about adding your character to my character's social page be it as friends, acquaintances or romance, or maybe family, but know I don't do exclusive pairings. That means that your character can appear in my character's romance sheet, but that doesn't mean my character is taken forever or exclusively romancing yours. I will be doing other plays with romance in them, though my characters may have exclusive relationships in each of their plays. It's like an alternative universes kind of thing.
- My characters do not speak for me: Please understand that they have their own personalities , some more similar to mine and some completely different. (I thought this was a little obvious but seems it isn't ^^; ). If you want to know how I really am talk to me OOC! I'll be happy to chat with you ^^.
- If you don't like how the rp is going, I did something wrong or you simply don't feel like continuing it , just tell me, I'll understand. I won't bite ;u;.
- I'm ghost friendly. I will reach out after 1 month if you haven't replied, then in 2 months and if I get no reply I'll simply archive the play and save it in 'Finished rps'.

HAPPY PRIDE!! hazbin-hotel.gif



Rave Reviews

Nox brought this character in as a side character in a main story arch with another character. It was such a wonderful surprise and really brought some intense drama to a scene that had some tension. I hope to see more of Nox's characters! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - -Danny-
Nox is an awesome writer. The rp she and I are doing right now is hands-down my favorite of all my current rp's and definitely in my top five of all time as well, likely in contention for first, honestly. She is detailed, and gives you plenty to work with in every post. I highly, highly recommend rp'ing with her if you do not already. Wonderful writer Long posts - Alauntyrr

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