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Hello everyone! You can call me Nox! I started role playing long ago but the truth is I hadn't have such a good role play until I got here and had the pleasure to do it with Mintelle. I'm still learning but I do my best !

About my times for replies:
Something you should know if you have a rp with me is that, unlike most of the people I'm usually more busy on weekends than on weekdays, so my replies are slower from Friday to Sunday. :)

Current status: Bored out of my mind D:

I usually draw my characters, but sometimes if I'm inspired enough I draw others' :')
Watch Nox_et_Aurum art here!

-Just saw some people with this on the profiles and tbh I needed to try XD -

Rave Reviews

I've known this lady for many years, originally meeting her on Deviantart where we paired up our characters and engaged them in wonderful rps. Recently we decided to bring those characters back to life and start some new rps, so I introduced her to this site. She's so wonderful at writing, making me want to reply as soon as I see the message in my inbox! She's honestly one of my closest friends, and I'm so glad we're roleplaying again! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Mintelle

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