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Hey, I'm Khaellar. I have a real soft spot for dark fantasy. I absolutely love the nitty gritty, dirty aspect of the fantasy world. Been roleplaying for about ten years now? My roleplaying experience dates back to public school where my best friend and I would take turns writing in a notebook. I've also RPed in Dungeons and Dragons, which took some getting used to!
Roleplay Status:
Open for ideas.

Honestly it's very sporadic and varies based on my muse. Posts can range from within a day to a couple of weeks. I work 40 hours a week (mostly night shifts) plus try to find some time for myself, so I am not the person you want if you're after multiple posts a day.

That being said, please don't hesitate to PM me if you think you've been waiting too long.

Heads up that I don't accept friend requests unless we've spoken a fair amount OOC or have an active thread.

GHOSTING: Honestly, ghosting used to really annoy me, but I've been on here for a couple of years now and it just doesn't fuss me anymore. If things fall off, so be it. God knows I've done my share of ghosting by now.
My Roleplaying
-I only roleplay with people and characters over the age of 18.
-I enjoy proper grammar and punctuation.
-I prefer third person, paragraph format with at least 4-5 sentences.
-I don't fade to black in sexual roleplays.
-I enjoy violence and gore in my roleplays where applicable.
-In pretty much all cases I prefer fantasy roleplays, whether modern or medeival.
-Dark fantasy
-Mature Themes
-Long term
-1 on 1
-Short term
-No consent
-Sex driven RP
-Side plot romance
-Fade to black
-Group RP
-Slice of life
-God modding
-OOC drama
-Permanent mutilation
-Non-fantastical RP, no supernatural elements
-RP with the sole plot of romance

Rave Reviews

Zeth (played by khaellar)
What a sexy beast - MadamKing
Khaellar is a delight to write and speak with, with characters that are a joy to read over and write with I can't reccomend writing with them enough and additional kudos for being patient with me when life gets busy <3 - Kyce

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