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꧁•⊹٭ RP STATUS: 20 February 2024 ⊹•꧂
Timezone: AEST
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Tentative on new threads.

Catching up on current threads and PMs.
Hey, I'm Khaellar. I have a real soft spot for dark fantasy. I absolutely love the nitty gritty, dirty aspect of the fantasy world. I've been roleplaying for over a decade now, ever since high school, and started by writing back and forth in a notebook with my best friend. I play Dungeons & Dragons and enjoy a lot 'R' rated RP.

Honestly it's very sporadic and varies based on my muse. Posts can range from within a day to a couple of weeks. To be blunt, I'm an adult who works full time 37-40 hours a week. Unfortunately, if you're expecting someone with the capacity to reply multiple times a day on a regular basis, it won't be me.

That being said, I'm super friendly so please don't hesitate to PM me if you think you've been waiting too long for a post or just want to check in.

I don't accept friend requests unless we've spoken a fair amount OOC and/or have an active thread.

GHOSTING: If things fall off, so be it. If you dip and I don't hear back, I'll assume you lost interest/have some stuff going on. I'll be frank and brutally honest and say I've accidentally put off PMs and threads to the point where I've ghosted without intention. I will always try to give a heads-up, though.

I always encourage people to reach back out to me if they would like to pick things up again. I'm not one to hold grudges and #@!% happens.
My Roleplaying
-I only roleplay with people and characters over the age of 18.
-I enjoy proper grammar and punctuation.
-I prefer third person, paragraph format with at least 4-5 sentences.
-I don't fade to black in sexual roleplays (with some exceptions).
-I enjoy violence and gore in my roleplays where applicable.
-In pretty much all cases I prefer fantasy roleplays, whether modern or medeival.

Rave Reviews

It is not always easy to find someone who enjoys the dark and gritty and Khaellar knows how to write it well. Creative and able to build a larger story, we had some great stories. It has been a while since our last thread ended, do too well, Life as usual. The roleplay and stories were great and someone I would recommend. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - TroyLocke
Khaellar is an awesome roleplayer. Being a good writer is not the only thing that makes you a good roleplayer. Communicating OOC with your rp partner is incredibly important, and it clears up any misunderstandings before they even happen. I feel like I have found my rp soulmate, this is someone who loves the dark, unexplored aspects of fantasy settings and helps bring them to life. - JustaBitEvil

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