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Hi there, my name is KK! I'm a former roleplayer and writer of 7+ years, now I just wanna focus on writing lore, and create a comic! I do commissions, too. If you're interested in commissioning me and wanna see what I can do and what my prices are like, I have a website. Have a nice day! ^-^

In the mean time, have art of my OCs.


(P.S. I used to go by Dot on here several years ago, so ya)

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I've gotten 2 character art commissions from kkart, and they have been an absolute joy to work with! The art is fantastic, and they were able to really capture the vibe of my OC. Super responsive to the details that I was looking for, and her backgrounds make the whole piece very dynamic! 100% would definitely commission them again (and you should too)! Helpful Creative ideas - silentruth

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