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  • Gender: Male

Hai! Usually pretty active, been RPing for a long time now. On usually every day and reply at MINIMUM once a day/every few days or so. It vastly depends on my mood and if I'm sick or not so please give me at-least a week before starting to get too upset! Though I will definitely in most instances notify you before that happens!

As always OOC is always welcome as is proposals for new RP's! Shoot me a PM whenever~!

Update: No longer sick. Laptop cord is here. Hooray!

Rave Reviews

  • An Amazing Roleplayer and person as a whole. Even if you dislike Romance RPs and Adventure Genres I can guarantee that you'll enjoy Rping with this Adorable RPer
    -- Suwako423
  • Mitchs98 and I had only been able to RP a short time, before my life decided to drain my writing energy. Even then though, not only was our RP fun and creative, but mitchs even checks in just to see how I'm hanging! Such a friend, IC and OOC. It's rare to find...
    -- EnkeliAgon

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