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Hey there, I’m Ragemachine (you can call me Evan if you want). I’m an autistic writer who’s been on the site since 2018*.
While I like creating characters and the worlds they come from, I thrive myself on coming up with the history and possible mythology of the world, even changing parts of our world to work with everything else.
I don’t like doing canon characters or worlds that already exist with some exceptions like Star Wars and Dragon Ball.
I don’t care about the length of the of the responses and I can tolerate 18+ things though I prefer normal character interactions and I like to learn more about the worlds of other people and expand my own.

My main characters I RP with are Raptors, Sallie Olympus and Nathaniel Bloodcurse

Rave Reviews

If someone deserves kudos, it's Ragemachine also know as Evan! I love doing RP's with them as they bring the story to life and drives it forward. I absolutely suggest doing a RP with them and you'll see just how well they do their RP's! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - xXGamer_WolfXx
For two years I've been roleplaying with ragemachine and I love it!
Our roleplay is one of my favorites and I even drew fanart of their characters. They're so understanding and open to having as many characters as you can possibly fit in a one-on-one roleplay

Please check them out they're so amazing and great! Creative ideas Long-term partner - Galaxy-Star

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