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Hey there, I’m Ragemachine (you can call me Evan if you want). I’m an autistic writer who’s been on the site since 2018*.
While I like creating characters and the worlds they come from, I thrive myself on coming up with the history and possible mythology of the world, even changing parts of our world to work with everything else.
I don’t like doing canon characters or worlds that already exist with some exceptions like Star Wars and Dragon Ball.
I don’t care about the length of the of the responses and I can tolerate 18+ things though I prefer normal character interactions and I like to learn more about the worlds of other people and expand my own.

Currently (as of 2020-) my 10 favourite characters I’ve made are:
10. Dark Balancer
9. Adam Light
8. Tvom'Toh
7. Owlfred Featherwalk
6. Katsu Worgan
5. Red Rouge
4. Nightstorm Gemstone
3. Charroki
2. Sallie Olympus
1. Raptors

My main characters I RP with are Raptors, Katsu Worgan and Nightstorm Gemstone

Right now, my character progression is on pause as I don't know what to progress forwards to, I've already rebooted my universe twice so far.
I am thinking of non-canon stories that don't affect the main universe like Bloodshed or Lybra but for now things are going to be slower with my progression.

Rave Reviews

Rage machine is amazing! Their so creative and so fun to role play with. I suggest that everyone role plays with them :) - Starwarsfan
For two years I've been roleplaying with ragemachine and I love it!
Our roleplay is one of my favorites and I even drew fanart of their characters. They're so understanding and open to having as many characters as you can possibly fit in a one-on-one roleplay

Please check them out they're so amazing and great! Creative ideas Long-term partner - Galaxy-Star

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