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Hey there, I’m Ragemachine (you can call me Evan if you want). I’m an autistic writer who’s been on the site since 2018*.
While I like creating characters and the worlds they come from, I thrive myself on coming up with the history and possible mythology of the world, even changing parts of our world to work with everything else.
I don’t like doing canon characters or worlds that already exist with some exceptions like Star Wars and Dragon Ball.
I don’t care about the length of the of the responses and I can tolerate 18+ things though I prefer normal character interactions and I like to learn more about the worlds of other people and expand my own.

My main characters I RP with are Raptors, Sallie Olympus and Nathaniel Bloodcurse

Rave Reviews

Ragemachine is an awesome writer and friend! They are also one of my long-term rp partners and I love how long we've been roleplaying. I hope to continue to roleplay with them. They're awesome to check them out. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Galaxy-Star
Ragemachine is one of the best RPers I've seen for a while! Their responses are always interesting and they always know how to save the story when it's drifting away. I highly recommend starting an RP with them. - Replica

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    I recently just finished an RP with Evan, here, and I've really enjoyed it! The humor of the characters bring the story to life, and the story was good and could possibly even have a sequel if one day desired.

    I really recommend Evan to RP with! :D Great sense of humor Wonderful writer
    (About 3 days 11 hours ago)
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