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I'm an autistic yet very imaginative person who has created and developed an entire Omniverse. I'm also a terrible drawer

My name iiiiissss...not important but, in internet terms, I call myself Evan Light #notmyrealname

I do have an odd liking of mythology, like any mythology whether it be Greek, Roman, Polynesian, Aztec or Norse. Though I have started to create my own "religion" and mythology in the form of Wahsarheim and galaxy 664B2A, AKA Opiria

I'm also a multi-god believer, meaning I believe in any culture or religion with more than one god, despite me being Christian. Go a head, crucify me!

My top favourite characters are:
10. Vo-aavlaas
9. Dark matter (Sean Spiring)
8. Colonel Canada (David Fong)
7. Geo-girl (Sallie Olympus)
6. Vul Thur
5. Katsu Worgan (AKA Gladiator)
4. Dark Balancer (I'ron Ark'awk)
3. Lightrunner (Adam Light)
2. Red Rouge
1. Raptors Jay Stripes
(This was my old favourites)

Currently (as of 2020-)
10. Dark Balancer
9. Adam Light
8. Tvom’Toh
7. Owlfred Featherwalk
6. Katsu Worgan
5. Red Rouge
4. Nightstorm Gemstone
3. Charroki
2. Sallie Olympus
1. Raptors

My main characters I RP with are Raptors, Katsu Worgan and Nightstorm Gemstone

Right now, my character progression is on pause as I don’t know what to progress forwards to, I’ve already rebooted my universe twice so far.
I am thinking of non-canon stories that don’t affect the main universe like Bloodshed or Lybra but for now things are going to be slower with my progression.

Rave Reviews

Awesome friend to anyone who wants a friend. Great RPer for anyone RPing with em and is all round a great person! Responses are funny and are amusing to read and love working with Ragey in the rps Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Aaricia
Ragemachine is one of the best RPers I've seen for a while! Their responses are always interesting and they always know how to save the story when it's drifting away. I highly recommend starting an RP with them. - Replica

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