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rat either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

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I've known Ratty for so long, I've forgotten exactly how, where and why it all happened. But that's not important! Ratty here is a very good egg (Though it is definitely unusual to see an egg with large pink ears, whiskers, and a tail). Ratty continues to brighten up my day the longer I know him. He tells great stories, but is a 'terrible enabler' because yesterday he was talking about Avozillas and now I simply have to go buy one. XP - Mori
I started noticing rat in the Help Forums and during Epic Week (2018). Rat is extremely helpful, very light hearted, no drama kind of person. Since then we have struck up a friendship that takes us through journeys (using Google Maps). With a mutual love for new places, seeing the sights and nature, Rat is always a delight to converse with, despite me being terrible at keeping up OOCly. This also speaks worlds of Rat's patience. Thank you for being you, rat! You are much appreciated. <3 - Demilicious

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