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First things first: please don't send me a DM that has nothing other than 'hi' or 'hello'. I won't respond to it. I get that sometimes it's hard to strike up a conversation, and that's okay! Just please realise that messages like that leave me sceptical or suspicious as to what you might want out of our interaction.

e607b582826b6b11b6b5321ce354103f48890516_00.gif Now that that's out of the way....

Hi there, welcome to my page! Make yourself comfortable. My name is Jay! I've been on RPR for a while -- since about 2010, but I was never really active until about 2015. I like to draw, write, play way too many video games, and play guitar when I have the opportunity to sit down and do so.

You can refer to me as any pronoun within the he/she/they spectrum, I honestly don't mind too much so long as you're respectful to me and my identity overall. I am Filipino-Irish, and still learning. About myself, my cultures, and a little bit of everything, really. That means I'm also still learning about a lot of the changes as they come to be more mindful of how I act, write, or present myself. In the end it is not my intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable or unwelcome around me, and if I do, please let me know, and I will do my best to rectify that.


My Fiancé ♥



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Except don't... because I don't have a dedicated and current thread to really showcase and advertise it well just yet. But if you ARE interested in supporting me and getting a commission equal to what you pay me over ko-fi, click this link!
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Want to role play with me? Well, unfortunately I have some ground rules I have to lay out. If they end up being a deal breaker for you... sorry, I suppose.

I'm here to mostly build connections in-character.

Not only that, I also want to make sure everyone has a good time -- not just you, not just me. If everyone feels like they're part of the story, then job well done!

I do not RP romance with strangers or people that I have known briefly.

In fact, I'm actually really reluctant to RP romance with anyone other than my fiancé because it's just not something I want to get too involved with. I am very attached to my characters, so romance is something that I wish only to happen with my characters if you are a trusted friend of mine. I hate having to be in a limbo of not knowing what exactly is going on in my character's love life if you -- or even I -- end up disappearing one day for whatever reason it may be.

Likewise, I am not open for smut or ERP.

Some of my characters might have sexual themes or content, and that's part of their character! That is not an open invitation to mean I am down to RP smut with people that desire it. The best way to think about it for me is, "I have a sex life, and that's honestly more than you need to know. That does not mean I'm open to having sex with you just because I happen to have sex."

Alternate forms or supernatural characteristics in my character's profile is not permission to know they have them.

If your character just magically happens to know what my character is (if they have an alternate form, or are supernatural in general) without talking to me about it first, or without it being blatantly obvious within the RP, I probably will drop the RP immediately. So let's keep communication good, keep things agreeable and in-character, and all will be gucci. C:

I am not responsible for you reading or not reading my posts to understand what's happening in the setting.

Sometimes things are confusing! I get confused, too, sometimes when I read posts. There is no shame in asking for clarification. I can offer clarification if you need it and ask for it, but if you're role playing with me and are seemingly consistently not reading my posts, I'll most definitely drop the RP.



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Sanne for ALL the Enchanted Cloaks she's ever given me! ♥♥
Rat for an Enchanted Cloak to fit our game roster! ♥♥
Loki for the Enchanted Silk Cloak for my birthday 2016! ♥♥
Massive thanks to Novalyyn for the Enchanted Wardrobe Dec 2017! ♥♥
Mori for the Dragon's Tooth for my birthday 2018! ♥♥
Claine for the 2019 New Year's Enchanted Cloak! ♥♥
WEN for the Party Grab Bag (2019)! ♥♥♥
Somnom for the Party Grab Bag (2020)! ♥♥♥
SylOfficial for the Enchanted Green Cloak (2022)! ♥♥♥


Places to Find Me

Steam | Twitter | ToyHouse | Wysp | YouTube


Rave Reviews

I have commissioned Jay quite a few times, and it's always been an absolute treat. She always goes to amazing lengths to make sure my friends and I are happy with the final product. We've never RPed together, and that is nothing but a loss for me, because her characters radiate with the love, creativity and thought put into every single one of them. - Claine
I am so glad to have worked alongside FreeJayFly as a moderator on the Unofficial RPR Discord for so long now! They're level headed, keep their cool under pressure and willing to make difficult decisions. Jay is also a creative powerhouse, with countless, countless unique characters, and incredible artistic talent. Kind and understanding Helpful - Claine

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