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Thank You to--!!
Sanne for ALL the Enchanted Cloaks she's ever given me! ♥♥
Rat for an Enchanted Cloak to fit our game roster! ♥♥
Loki for the Enchanted Silk Cloak for my birthday 2016! ♥♥
Massive thanks to Novalyyn for the Enchanted Wardrobe Dec 2017! ♥♥
Mori for the Dragon's Tooth for my birthday 2018! ♥♥
Claine for the 2019 New Year's Enchanted Cloak! ♥♥
WEN for the Party Grab Bag (2019)! ♥♥♥
Somnom for the Party Grab Bag (2020)! ♥♥♥

Important: If I have NEVER talked to you before, I do NOT reply to PMs that just say 'hi' or 'hello'. I am way too sceptical to entertain such nondescript messages from strangers. Sorry.

"Up here I don't even feel the cold, I just feel ..."
"... Free."

-Exchange from Valka to Hiccup; How to Train Your Dragon 2


My fiancé - Netherweave
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Group Chebs (0/5 Done)
Fullbody Commission (0/1 Done)
Half Body Commissions (7/8 Done)
Half Body Commissions (6/8 Done)

About Me

fjf_profile_image_smol_by_freejayfly-da396m6.pngHi there, I'm FreeJayFly. I go by Jay Dunn. You can refer to me as he/him/his or her/she/hers -- it does not matter to me. I am Filipino-Irish, and am still getting in touch with my roots.

Overall, I'm a pretty chill person that is pretty decent. I think. I dunno. I at least know I'm kind of indecisive. Other than that, my humour can be described as pretty sarcastic, flat, or just overall dry or dark. In the end, however, it is not my intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable or unwelcome around me, and if I do, please let me know, and I will do my best to rectify that.

Important tid bit of information about me, though: I get sick A LOT. ; A ; It sucks, but that's what happens. I get feverish at least once every three to five months , and sometimes I have to worry about going to the hospital in case my cancer is relapsing. > o < So if ever I don't respond, or I'm gone without a notice or update, that's likely the cause.

Another small important bit about me, especially if you commission art from me: I have colour sensitivity. ; v ; I cannot work with bright / over-saturated colours because they give me headaches. Usually plain white is fine, but neon colours, or very saturated colours do begin to strain my eyes and result in headaches! So if ever you wonder why my art colouring style seems very muted, that is the reason! I work with a very muted palette to keep me feeling alright!

Uhh... let's see... I'm an... artist? My main programs are Paint Tool SAI and PhotoShop CS5. I use a Wacom Bamboo FUN tablet (a really great tablet for beginners -- it lasts for a LONG time; I've had mine since 2008, and it still works great). I also do some game reviews and voice acting on the side -- my equipment are as follows: Audio Technica AT2020 studio grade mic that is hooked up to a Blue Icicle Interface Phantom to USB converter. For editing video game reviews, I use Sony Vegas Pro 13.

Miscellaneous equipment and programs are as such: Bandicam, Diamond Capture (which is in dire need of an update; it doesn't even capture in HD :C), Audacity, and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).


If you're ever interested in commissioning me for character art, my personal commissions thread is here! You can see and commission my fiancé in this thread!

If you wish to role play with me, then I shall let you know what I value most in a role play: I like making everyone feel as if they're part of the story. I will not pitch role play ideas that centre around my characters for my own sake. My characters are played in companionship alongside yours. I do not play my characters in attempts to make them better than any one else's -- this is a reason why I value dice rolls with my role plays in order to see if something actually does happen.

I also do not RP romance with strangers or people that I have known briefly. In fact, I'm actually really reluctant to RP romance with anyone other than my fiancé because it's just not something I want to get too involved with. I am very attached to my characters, so romance is something that I wish only to happen with my characters if you are a trusted friend of mine.

Important note, since it seems to happen more than I care for: if your character just magically happens to know what my character is (if they have an alternate form, or are supernatural in general) without talking to me about it first, I probably will drop the RP immediately. So let's keep communication and keep things agreeable and in-character, all will be gucci. C:

Important note part 2: I am not responsible for you reading or not reading my posts to understand what's happening in the setting. I can offer clarification if you need it and ask for it, but if you're role playing with me and are consistently not reading my posts, I'll most definitely drop the RP.

Places to Find Me

If you're so curious...


I love McCree so much. Don't look at me.

Rave Reviews

Jay's one of my best buds. She always understands me and I'm glad we can vent to one another when things just get a bit too much, but we also focus on finding ways to deal with or get around the issues that affect us. I appreciate her perspective her assertive nature immensely. She helps me be a better person. - Sanne
FreeJayFly is an incredible artist and a lovely person to chat with. I haven't roleplayed with her much yet, due to time restraints on both sides, but I have seen what she's capable of and she's definitely somebody to watch out for if you want to have an interesting roleplay! - Loren

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