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planet daibazaal

- i love adventure, fantasy, intrigue, and the occasional hint of romance. but my all time favorite is midevil-anything. for instance: attack on titan, vinland saga, seven deadly sins, the rising of the shield hero, and snow white with the red hair. anything like that i am completely down for.
- i like to keep IC and OOC separate.
- at least 1 paragragh please. it’s hard to reply to a senence alone. I personally try to write 2+ paragraphs. but it all depends on what you give me.
- i enjoy romance, but i prefer more than that to a plot.
- i like my rp’s cooperative, not competitive.
- continuities should be consistent with themselves. “if I was to ever fail to understand and enjoy a story, it's because one day our characters are on a science ship and the next it's a warship.” - RedHeadSamurai23


- no godmodding of any sort.
- don't violate believability to such a degree that you give yourself (or anyone else) an unfair advantage. “Stay true to the era and setting of the rp as best you can and ask if you're ever uncertain!“ - RedHeadSamurai23

wear your seatbelt and wash your hands.

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