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new here, still poking around to figure things out. i tend to type in all lowercase when i'm speaking ooc, but i've got a pretty decent grasp of grammar, enough to be a freelance editor (For Pay). it's been a long time since i've been on a site that wasn't 18+, so if you're underaged, i'd Really Really appreciate it if you let me know, because i'd really prefer not to do romantic/sexual scenes with someone sub 18, given that i am almost 27. anything else is fine.

anyway, i go by ari. female pronouns are just fine. i tend to have a hard time editing down my posts for brevity, but i'm not a stickler on post length in story related rp. one-liners during sexual play is probably gonna be an 'eeeh' or a straight up 'no' for me.

i come from a site where canons are preferred over OCs, so i haven't gotten a lot of chances to flex my OC making/writing skills in a while, but i'm absolutely not the type of player to slap a popular face on a profile just to get attention. i'm very passionate about writing, and i put a lot of thought into how i write my canons.

i Love romantic slice of life stories and i love horror. most of my stories will have some element of romance in them, but i'm pretty reserved (and also asexual) so don't be worried about an Over-Abundance of Smut. likewise, if you're mostly smut focused and do it a lot in an rp, please don't be disappointed if i can't keep up. sometimes i'm fine, sometimes i'm sex repulsed as all get out. Also, i typically don't do sexual stuff in public, so that sort of thing will be kept to DMs unless i have a wild change of heart.

if you're a GTO (great teacher onizuka) or evil dead fan p l e a se hit me up, i need fellow nerds to nerd out with.

if you want to RP with me or just chat, i'm usually in where i moderate! we're open to everyone, but it's a meeting place area for anime related canons, so come join if you're interested in that kind of thing! we're just starting out but i do my best to try to involve everyone ;w;

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I've known Ari for multiple years now, and throughout those years she's been extremely kind to me on top of being a super talented writer. Too often I've found the latter without the former, but it's people like Ari that have both of those attributes that make me want to continue writing. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Sohrryu

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