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Hi, I care way too much about fictional people. If you'd like to start RPing with me right away, send a message! If you'd like to stop RPing with me right away, be a jerk!

My available characters are on the right, and all art is my own work unless otherwise noted. I'm interested in any of the plots on their pages, and I'm very interested in ideas of your own, or reasons to make new characters for stuff.

Best of luck on your hunt for RP!


sland's Characters

sland either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Who doesn't like sland? Always around to offer down-to-earth words of advice and never shying away from the truth, something that is a commendable quality by itself! Sland is also a very creative person with beautiful artwork and highly interesting characters. :) - Sanne
Belated Kudos! Sland commissioned me a while back for a headshot. Being able to interact and talk with sland as I got to work on the commission they asked for had been a pleasant and enjoyable interaction. ^ o ^ If ever we could have a chance at role play, I would very much enjoy that! - FreeJayFly

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