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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: May 13

hello, you can call me witch or ezra! i'm a 22 year old male artist (click here for art) from Maryland, USA. some quick stats for you:

genres i love: modern, historical, fantasy, realism, drama/intrigue, horror, romance (this isn't a major focus for me- but when done right, i love it!) - basically, there's not a ton i can't get into. i am definitely fascinated by unconventional and strange settings/genre combos
genres i'm not so into: sci-fi, highly futuristic scenarios in general, superheroes, most entirely pure and lighthearted sorts of things, canon/fandom rp (these aren't a solid NO, but i don't generally look for them)

where i rp: furcadia, discord, rpr

♡ multi-para
♡ flexible post length - it's okay to not match each other all the time or to change throughout the rp!
♡ proper grammar and spelling (i'm sorry i just can't enjoy it otherwise!!)
♡ m/m, if it's a romantic/sexual rp
♡ both one-on-one & group rp
♡ dark themes, violence, sex, generally mature content - absolutely not a prerequisite, but i have no qualms

X porn without plot, unless we're established rp partners already
X one-line/extremely short posts
X first person/persona play
X f/f or m/f romance or sex - just not my thing!
X highly inaccurate, stereotypical, and/or disrespectful depictions of mental illness, sexuality, gender, race, etc

regarding my style
i love sensory detail, character psychology, and immersion. my primary focus in rp is the interpersonal interaction and experiences of the characters, and i feel that caring about aesthetic qualities lends to the mood of the post and establishes the feelings i'm trying to convey. i realize that some like more concise styles, and i myself can write more brief and less descriptive posts in certain points during a rp. additionally, i write significantly shorter posts on furcadia than i do elsewhere thanks to the limitations of the client/the more fast-paced style of rps conducted there. however, things like my character's thoughts as well as the sensory experience of the scene are important to how i write posts!

a note on flexibility
my characters usually have specific situations and settings they are written into. if they have fantasy/magical aspects, those are explained by my own worldbuilding unless they exist in someone else's setting. however, i am happy to fit them into other AUs or to modify their situation based on the plot of our rp, so don't worry too much about specifics so long as the overall characterization (e.g. core personality traits, essence of the backstory where possible) remains the same.

i plan on having more character profiles up, but it takes a while for me to stop nitpicking, and i've hidden or deleted some old ones that i don't like anymore. bear with me!!

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