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Rave Reviews

Somniatis (played by MissPixie)
Is it possible to be terrified of a character, and in love with them all in one? Somniatis is by far one of my favorite characters of all time, from the moment he was made he is so easy to love, the devilish character filled with so much wit and so many vile ideas. There is no real way to describe him besides brilliant IC and OOC, and no real way to say what you would expect to find in play. All I can say, is it would be a mistake not to take that deal for a RP. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Kruhee
Abayelle (played by MissPixie)
If we are being honest, and I am, Abby is one of the best characters I have ever written with. It’s not just that she is adorable, and well crafted, because she is. It’s not just that she feels like a real person with flaws and dreams and reasons behind each action, even though she does. No, the reason Abby is one of my favorite characters to RP with is because her writer is one of THE most talented writers I have ever had the pleasure of writing with. The life that is fed into Abby is t Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Kruhee

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