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✿ Formerly Somnom · Potato · 30s · PST (GMT -7) ✿ hZ1XLLl.jpg
Co-Founder of the group Hollow Peak.

Current Status: Really heckin' busy...and still needing to catch up on sleep.


~ None currently! ~

~ I firmly believe that real life takes priority and always comes before RP.
~ I only write with adults (21+ in age).
~ I've been creating characters and writing collaboratively for over 20 years.
~ I write in third person narrative and give an average of 400 to 1000 words per post, which is roughly 3 to 7 paragraphs. But it can fluctuate to more or less depending on many things, including scene, dialogue, actions, as well as pace of the game.
~ I have many genres I do enjoy writing: modern/urban fantasy, (high/medieval) fantasy, and historical fiction are my top three.
~ I skew towards darker themes and boy, oh boy, do I love grimdark.

~ Communication is highly important to meeeee.
~ I love to bake and cook, to the point where I run a website where I share recipes I create and all my social media accounts are filled with food pictures.
~ I'm called "The Prize Potato" because I host a lot of giveaways/games with prizes being RPR items. These are always free to enter!
~ I'm hella shy about my writing/RP writing.
~ I'm a naturally nocturnal person.
~ I do card readings that offers people guidance/assurance, but I don't use the traditional tarot deck for this as I've found other decks to be more clear for me to translate messages. Feel free to ask me more about this.
~ My favorite colors are blue, pink, and that weird mint green that kitchen appliances come in that seems more blue than green in certain light.
~ I have an annoying habit of mentioning all cows that I see while on road trips. This goes for sheep/lambs too. Some birds. And goats. Rabbits. Deer. Just any animal, really.
~ I like lists.


Rave Reviews

Somnom is one of those people who always brings joy to the various forums with their raffles and games, you can’t get enough it seems! I love seeing what they come up with next, whether it be an interesting message as a character within a game or a funny meme within one of their raffles. Looking at their characters I see why they’re so popular as well, each one is absolutely amazing! I can tell Somnom has great skill in writing, and hope that one day I’ll be able to rp with them! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Crystaldragon126
Lian (played by MissPixie)
The LiLi bird is a strange one, but this is for the best! If you want weird, she’ll give it to you in spades! I love how Somnom fits the writing of Lian to the character and brings about this feeling of depth, the character filled with mystery and fun in a way that is rare to see. The LiLi bird is a wonderful example of playing the strangeness of the fae world, letting the magic seep into everything she does. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn't but there’s always a reason! - Kruhee

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