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AgentMilkshake » Characters

Daniel James Logan

Male A reclusive computer nerd that has discovered a reason to explore.

Felicia Jackson

Female A young reporter looking for the big scoop

Gary Portelli

Male Tech nerd in for the wildest summer of his life.

Jerry Hardy

Male A college freshman that is more than he appears.

Karen North

Female A washed-up has been reliving her glory days through the girls she coaches.

Marcus Little

Male A college kid handed a camera and asked to document the adventures of a married couple for a reality show

Marie Evans

Female Captain of the cheerleaders and the most popular girl in school

Megan King-McBride

Female A young woman struggling with balancing her dreams and marriage.

Tabitha Blackwell

Female A high school girl with big dreams and a dark secret

Trevor Scott

Male Aspiring mechanic, singer, musician and high school student