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I am a longtime role player that has been doing pen & paper RPGs since the early 1980s using a variety of systems. Some of the games I've run or played in include almost every edition of Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS, Pathfinder, The old Palladium System, Cyberpunk, D20 Modern, classic Star Wars (the old West End Games version), Tales from the Floating Vagabond, Doctor Who, Top Secret SI, James Bond, and many others.

I enjoy system-based games, and free-form story-based roleplays that have an emphasis on character development and plot. I also occasionally do system-based games on in addition to a weekly live game on Friday nights.

I prefer story-based freeform roleplays when doing play-by-post roleplaying. Trying to use rules systems and dice to playout combats are cumbersome and tedious in a PBP. Rules heavy games are best saved for real-time environments such as playing in-person or . I am okay with some light dice use to randomize things or very basic rules systems in some cases.

Preferred genres for PBP:
    Modern-day drama/Slice of life

Not into:
    Anything that isn't plot/story focused

I generally prefer one-on-one games. I will consider small group stuff but no more than four players.


Although anyone is free to send me friend requests, I only join games with adults. Please, no requests from anyone under 18 years old or games that include minors.

I am going to be upfront. I have very high standards and expectations for my writing partners. Good writers are book readers. If you are not a person that reads novels I don't think you'll likely be the kind of player I'm looking for. My games are rich in detail and filled with plot twists. I research my characters the way an actor researches a movie role.

If you have questions about anything below, please feel free to ask. I'm always happy to clarify or talk to someone via PM to determine if we're a good fit. I have specific examples of what I mean if you don't understand something below. All of these points are based on 20 years of playing experience and the numerous problems I've had over the years. I don't want to be discouraging, but there is a particular kind of person I enjoy working with and I put a great deal of time into my games so it is crucial that we're a good match. If you are a beginner with roleplaying or writing, we will not be a good fit for one another, regardless of your age.

If you're interested in doing a roleplay, I am going to ask for at least one writing sample from you. One-line posters and those whose writing looks like a text message need not apply. You need to be able to write in a third-person, past-tense style and write articulately.

Here is a list of the qualities I look for in a writing partner:
    You have stability in your life and can post regularly, at least once a week. 2-3 times per week is desirable. If you have a lot going on or ongoing circumstances that cause you to regularly take lengthy hiatuses, I'm really not a good choice for you.
    You have a good command of grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and spelling. I'm not asking for perfection, but you need to be a reasonably strong writer. The best writers read fiction on a regular basis and enjoy doing so.
    You can write interesting, well-balanced, believable characters with both faults as well as strengths. You won't take on a character that's beyond your abilities to portray reasonably accurately.
    You either have first-hand experience or are willing to do research in the subject matter of the game and setting using Google, Wiki, YouTube, etc. That means learning and using basic terminology and have a good overview of relevant subject matter such as your character's jobs, hobbies, and a good understanding of the location and time period the game is set in.

    One of my biggest pet peeves are players that join games and don't have any understanding of what the game is about or who can't play the role they've chosen correctly. Please don't try to fake your way through a topic you don't know or play a character whose background is beyond your abilities.
    You collaborate well and are willing to explore options OOC in the story and consider different ideas. I like a good balance between planning and spontaneity. The biggest key is to be flexible to changes but also be open to at least have a road map as to where we're headed with the plot.
    You proactively contribute ideas to the story, and your character's actions help advance the plot. You won't play a Mary Sue or just follow along and give canned responses and generic actions.
    You are easy to work with and aren't going to be standoffish or argumentative. You are also capable of getting honest feedback without hurt feelings.

I am happy to work with anyone on special site-wide one-off events such as Halloween and Epic week regardless of your age or writing ability.

If you want to chat in real-time, you can find me on Discord: AgentMilkshake #2708

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Rave Reviews

I RPed with AgentMilkshake when he hosted a Trick or Treat thread for Halloween as his character Gary. It was a lot of fun and his writing talents shown through, even with a short RP encounter such as that. His roster has a fun cast of characters, showing off his creativity. Also, he's very friendly and kind to chat with, but also witty and amusing! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - MissPixie
I really enjoyed my experience with Agent on the forums! Unafraid to jump right into a new setting and pay attention to details, the responses we got were well written and showed a level of care in taking the time to read through posts so that nothing was accidentally ignored or left out. Speedy responses paired with an outgoing character who was easy to respond to made things very enjoyable. I hope we run into each other again! Creative ideas Fast responses - Marie

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