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I only join games and accept friend requests from adults. Please, no requests from anyone under 18 years old or games that include minors. Also, don't lie about your age. I can spot a kid posing as an adult in a heartbeat and will report you... so don't.

That being said, I am happy to work with anyone on special site-wide, one-off events such as Halloween, Summer Soiree, Epic Week, and other RPR sponsored events regardless of your age or writing ability.

Now that that is out of the way, hi! My experience with roleplaying goes back to the early 1980s in grade school. Some of the games I've run or played in include almost every edition of Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS, Pathfinder, The old Palladium System, Cyberpunk, D20 Modern, classic Star Wars (the old West End Games version), Tales From the Floating Vagabond, Doctor Who, Top Secret SI, James Bond, and many others.

I enjoy system-based games and free-form story-focused roleplays that have an emphasis on character development and plot. Occasionally, I do system-based games on in addition to a weekly live in-person D&D game on Friday nights.

My preference for play-by-post games on a forum like this is freeform roleplays with occasional light dice use. Trying to use complex rules systems is tedious in a PBP. Rules-heavy system-based games are best saved for real-time environments such as playing in-person or on Discord, Zoom, or Roll20. Generally, I prefer one-on-one games but might consider small groups with no more than four players.

I am going to be upfront; I have very high standards and expectations for my writing partners. My games are rich in detail and filled with plot twists. I research my characters the way an actor researches a movie role and put a great deal of time into my games so it is crucial that we're a good match. One-line posters and those whose writing looks like a text message need not apply. All of my games are written in a third-person, past-tense perspective like a novel.

If you have questions about anything below, please ask. All of these points are based on 20 years of online playing experience in a forum environment and the numerous problems I've had over the years.

If you're interested in doing a roleplay, please have an in-character writing sample written in third-person, past tense style. You also need a filled-out player profile and/or detailed character profile. If you look like a Mary Sue or NPC+1, then I'm not going to be interested in working with you.

Here is a list of the qualities I look for in a writing partner:
    You can post weekly. If you have issues that cause you to take long hiatuses or you know you have a poor track record of keeping up with games regardless of the reason, please don't ask to work with me.
    You have a reasonably good command of grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and spelling. If you struggle with reading comprehension, we aren't going to work well together.
    You can write interesting, well-balanced, believable characters with both faults as well as strengths. You won't take on a character that's beyond your abilities to portray reasonably accurately.
    You also will be reasonably familiar with the setting, subject matter, and other details of the game such as your character's hobbies and occupation, and can write about those things accurately and in a believable way.
    You collaborate well and are willing to explore options OOC in the story and consider different ideas. I like a good balance between planning and spontaneity and so do you.
    You proactively contribute ideas to the story, and your character's actions help advance the plot. You won't play a Mary Sue or just follow along and give canned responses and generic actions.
    You are easy to work with and aren't going to be standoffish or argumentative and can handle honest feedback.

Contact info:

Send me a private message on RPR
Discord: AgentMilkshake#2708
Follow me on Twitter- @slappyrocks (Slappythehalfling)

Rave Reviews

AgentMilkshake is a great RP partner. He is creative and puts a lot of thought into plot. He develops rich and detailed settings with interesting and memorable supporting characters. Overall, a pleasure to write with! Creative ideas Long-term partner - LisaBlankenship
This guy is incredibly hilarious. I find myself abjectly fascinated by his characters almost every time, often before I even realize whose character it is. He comes up with the most cheerful and whimsical characters, and species, and scenarios, and then manages to spice them up with spooky or mysterious things, details, and all sorts of other freeform stuff. He's absolutely cool when it comes to polishing up finished pieces, and they always seem lively and playable when he sets up scenes. Bravo! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Shinyrainbowlithogra

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