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RoseyProsey » Characters

Angela Keller

Female Gently, gently, the constellations align

Aspen Falk

Female I will make my own legacy

Brielle Hewitt

Female With a little foresight and a lot of faith, anything is possible

Daphne Rhodes




Greta Lindholm

Female People need a hero, might as well be me

Harper Mere



Female I've got too many fools to prove wrong to give up

Jonah Kingsley

Male One is never too old for fairytales

Jules Salinas

Female I will make this place my home

Leona Flores


Maksimilian Belikova

Male May our children not inherit the consequences of our actions

Marisol Vidal

Female I will turn this anger into something beautiful

Nerissa Healy

Female I will always miss the brave foolish girl I used to be

Rhoda Calls-the-Barrel-Fire

Female Mothers make the fiercest warriors

The Dryden Sisters

Female I think we're dangerous now

Yvette Teale

Female Saving the world one calculated disaster at a time