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Kudos for fish_skele

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Warm-hearted and amazing are the two words I would use to describe Fish. They’re so considerate and creative with their ideas and are always there to talk plot. If you ever have the pleasure of Roleplaying with Fish, you will understand why I adore her. She has been the most creative and wonderful writer I have met on the site, and she consistently has me reading and rereading the stories we weave together. If I can, I plan to continue constructing these intricate stories for as long as we can. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Josey